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Advice on ICC profile for Professional Graphic work needed

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I am needing to verify and fine tune my ICC profile and needed some advice. My calibration is done using an i1Display Pro and a professional color graphics monitor. Most of my work is for viewing and NOT photography or prints.

Everything looks fine and I am using a setting of D65 for the color temp, 2:2 Gama and 120cd/m brightness. For those that do illustration and graphic work and used calibration tools like the i1, I wanted to find out what you use and like?

Also, my office room has recessed lighting and I'm wondering about the 120cd/m or if I should go a bit higher like 150? I know it all depends upon your own lighting environment, but just need some general input on this.


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This forum in general is a good resource with a lot of people who do grading ect for a living. http://liftgammagain.com/forum/index.php?threads/neutral-lighting-for-grade-suite.2135/
It is an open field depending on what you do. Sounds like what you have going on is perfectly fine. Not sure if this is work for you or just play. But remember everyone is sitting in a different room with different lighting, so unless it's for film or print and for a client who is going to print it, or sit in a lab and go over your work. Whatever looks good to you IS good, because you can't control it out in the wild after that. I learned this lesson long ago making maps for games and spending dozens of hours on lighting it perfectly and getting the exact tint of textures just so on my Fw900, and then seeing my "masterpiece" on someone else **** settings monitor or whatever and going That Looks like CRAP! OMG That's not the way it's supposed to look!!!! So yeah. From that point on while i still am a bit OCD, you just have to say it's "good enough" and let it be, or go nuts.
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Thanks for the reply and information. That's pretty much in line with what I was thinking as most general PC users don't have the expensive $2-4,000 Professional Color Monitors and/or proper calibrations. I work as a purely 3D artist with programs like ZBrush, Maya and some Photoshop for the high-res maps.

We do tend to have certain guidelines we use when sculpting and rendering, but outside our professional work I will just use the best settings for myself and what the others do, but not worry so much about the other. As you say, it's beyond your control anyway.

I can swap out my light bulbs for the recessed lights with true D65 LEDs, but otherwise I guess my settings are fine based on the link you provided and information.
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