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New Cooler Master 912 PC Case standoffs crooked for motherboard mount. I built anew computer with a CM AF 932 case not long ago, and it I very nice with no problems with alignment and quality.

This new case, the alignment of the stand off plate is so bad, the video card does not properly align, so cannot put the screw in on the bracket.

I have been looking in forums to see what others have said about problems with PC case quality. Not many complaints, my guess is people just live with it. it is a huge hassle to ship it back, a probably get the same quality on the next PC case. it s a build for my wife , so she did not want a large pc case, so I got a smaller case for her. I can try to drill the holes out a bit for the screw that hold the video card bracket. You would think they would make the case so it could adjust a tiny bit to make up for bad machine work when making the PC case. The video card must align perfectly, the slot in the motherboard, etc, or the contacts not perfect make artifacts on the display.

The difference between the CM 912 and 032 (old now but still very good for less then $100 back then for the 932 new.) the difference in features and quality is a very large difference! Not just smaller for the 912, but quality is must better in the 932.

The motherboard would barely line up with the standoffs, and had to be persuaded, to get the screws lined up in the motherboard and standoffs in the PC case. I have been building computers for 35 years.

Not sure if there is a better part of the forum for this, as I do not consider it as mod, but more of a fix or repairs for bad design. mad.gif