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speaking of USB 3.0, i recommend reading this =,2817,2423604,00.asp

(2.4Ghz frequency) 20Mhz N channel has a bandwidth range of 7.2, 14.4, 21.7, 28.9, 43.3, 57.8, 65, 72.2 (Mbit/s)
so 20~60mbit is just about right, regularly getting low throughput is normal when the usual channels are saturated with interference.
if you can set your router to use the 40Mhz N channels then that would increase the overall throughput, but its more vulnerable to interference.

also on a side note, the reason why your router is rated at 450mbit max, is because its using the best case 40Mhz 150mbit * 3mimo connections.
the only way you'd ever get 450mbit is if you can also "perfectly connect" at 40Mhz 150mbit * 3mimo connections.
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