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Office / Gaming chair for short people?

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I'm 5' tall and weigh 115 lbs.

I've seen quite a few people who say "don't get a gaming chair, but a good office chair instead," but I've been looking at office chairs and most of them look like they could hold two of me side by side with room to spare. Either that or the look like an ergonomist threw up on them.

The gaming chairs at least look like they wouldn't dwarf me. However, if you check even their smallest chairs say they're for people who're at least 5' 5".

With clothes, I just gave up and started buying kid's sizes, but chairs don't really work that way. Anyone have any suggestions (preferably one's that don't involve actually sitting in the chairs--I'm in the middle of nowhere so selection locally isn't that great)?
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Look at DXRacer Forumla series, Maxnomic maybe, might still be to big, there are a few brand, but DXRacer formula might be your best bet for smaller people, although they are a bit pricey because they classify as "gaming" chairs..
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Thanks. I've looked at them.

Maxnomic's Casual Sport series is for people between 5' 5" and 5' 9". DXRacer's Formula Series just says under 5' 9" (the problem being I'm quite a bit under 5' 9"). Vertagear's calculator stops at 5' 1" with the SL2000 (which is awfully close). And, as far as I can tell, neither Arozzi or GT Omega seem to list height information directly.

I'd try comparing dimensions, but even just looking at the dimensions for the DXRacer chairs I'm confused. Interestingly, their wide series is actually the narrowest across the widest point--it's wider by virtue of staying that size where the others tend to cure inwards. The shape seems to be a much bigger factor than the raw numbers and that's not something I can account for with the info they give. Basically they're missing a measurement. Then add in the fact that all of the chair companies give slightly different sets of measurements and...

/sigh. This would be so much easier if I could actually sit in one of them.

I guess I could try badgering them (or someone) for the missing numbers.

*Yells* Hey seat making people! Either send me a chair send me a CAD drawing of your chairs.

Oh. One final note: Compared to the "good" office chairs, they're really not bad price-wise. About the same really-especially for the smaller ones.
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