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Does anyone know of a Mini-ITX LGA 1150 board that supports
overclocking _and_ BIOS serial console redirection? I have other
requirements of course, but they're fairly common --- 6 GB/s SATA,
USB 3.0, GigE, PCIe 3.0 --- but I haven't had any trouble finding

that support all those _and_ overclocking. Nor finding boards
that support all those _and_ BIOS redirection. But after at least
skimming the specs of well over 100 boards, and going through at
least 20 motherboard manuals in detail, I have yet to find _any_
Mini-ITX LGA 1150 boards that support both overclocking and BIOS

Maybe overclockable small form-factor server boards is just
too small of a niche for any of the manufacturers to support it.
But it seems a lot more likely to me that I'm just missing
something. If you think you know what it is that I"m missing,
I'd very much appreciate it if you'd tell me.

Thanks in advance,