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Originally Posted by idahosurge View Post

It might be the versions of HWMonitor and Realtemp that you are using.

When you first turn on a PC and just let it set at idle it is not uncommon to get a max temp 10C to even 20C higher on each core than what it is idling at (say 30C as an example for each core at idle then a max of 50C or so is not uncommon at idle). Each core will not idle at the same temp, you can see easily see a 5C to 10C difference at idle.

The lower your core temp the less accurate the temp monitoring software will be. The more load on your CPU and the higher your core temps the more accurate the monitoring software is.

After you boot your PC let it idle for 5 minutes and then reset your monitoring software, then see if your max temps seem more reasonable.

Is the 82C on one core, all cores and/or the CPU package? If it is only on one core then the temp sensor for that core could be the problem. If it is only the CPU package then maybe that sensor is having a problem.

As I am still waiting for my Liquid Pro, I re-pasted my CPU. Took the lid off, cut away at the glue again, cleaned it, reapplied NT-H1. Put my NH-D15 on, and BAM!!! temps max out at 62C @1.312V 4.7GHz with an ambient of about 35C. YAY!!!
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You should get even lower temp with the liquid metal. Oh yes!!! My clu was delivered today!!!
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Lucky you haha, Im expecting mine today. Ill make sure I post results today hopefully of NTH1 compound vs Liquid pro Ultra.
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Ok got some awesome results.

Liquid Pro Ultra came in the mail today.

Applied it to the die of my i7 4790K and used my NT-H1 thermal paste as per normal for my heatsink cooler.

Below are the results of 4.5GHz @1.256V (1.25V) on Aida64 with all CPU stressing parameters enabled, for 10:12 seconds exactly

Results are using the NT-H1 for die and heatsink, followed by Liquid Pro Ultra and NT-H1 for heatsink respectively.

Ambient temperature outside is 41C and the room temp I'd estimate is around 35C.

ONLY VARIABLE changed is the Liquid Pro Ultra paste.

To view the photos above clearly, click on it, then select original.

Incase you still cant see results. NT-H1 thermal paste got a maximum of 74c 74c 71c 66c across all cores with averages of 64.7c 64.7c 61.4c 55.9c.

Liquid Pro Ultra achieved 66c 67c 61c 62c with averages of 59.3c 60.1c 53.9c 51.8c

Conclusion = Difference of 8c 7c 10c 4c on maximum core temps respectively compared to an already delidded chip that was running on NT-H1 thermal paste. With the stock TIM the temps would have been much higher, most likely in the 85C range.

Gaming load whilst playing Far Cry 4 on NT-H1 maxed out at around 67c on almost all cores, now they are 59c 58c 54c 51c with my voltage at 1.312 @4.7GHz.

Theoretically with Liquid Pro Ultra and a delidded chip you can expect up to 20C improvement in temps. This is certainly the case!!!
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