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http://www.overclock3d.net/reviews/cpu_mainboard/intel_core_i7_990x_hexcore_1366/2 is a good article overclocking the 990x
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I've now got my system running at 4Ghz with the following voltages:

Seems stable with prime95 but I will do a longer soak test just to be sure it's 24/7 stable.

Mobo: Asus Rampage III Gene
CPU: Intel 990x Hex core
Cooler: Noctua NH-U12S - NH-U12S Ultra-Quiet Slim CPU Cooler with NF-F12 Fan (single 120mm fan)
RAM: 24GB Corsair Vengeance (6 x 4GB) 8-8-8-24 1.5v

Bclck: 200
CPU Ratio: 20
Vcore: 1.3v
QPI/DRAM: 1.3v
DramVoltage: 1.5v
IOH: 1.1
ICH: 1.1
Intel stepping: disabled
Cstate: disabled
Intel turbo: disabled
Intel HyperThreading: enabled

Temps on full load prime95 dont go above 70c. I'm happy with this setup now.
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Originally Posted by seven7thirty30 View Post

The i7-990X is still a great CPU. I asked about your voltages because 1.2 volts @ 4GHz is low. I run mine at a stable 4.6GHz (23 x 200 BLCK) @ 1.45 VCore. I've had that setup for years and my system is still running well. At max load my temps average 70-75C, but that's only possible because I'm running on water. You are definitely going to need a better cooling setup if you want to push past 4GHz because you're going to have to increase the voltage to get there. That's why I posted the link above for you to read on how to safely overclock your Gulftown CPU. My other settings are listed below.

ASUS Rampage III Formula
24GB Corsair Dominator DDR3-2000 (CAS 9-10-9-27 T2)
BLCK 200
UCLCK 3008
CPU VCore 1.45
QPI/RAM 1.35
DRAM Voltage 1.65
IOH 1.1

So I used your settings and when I ran Prime95 I was getting 100' Celsius....any suggestions to get temp down? I use the Pacific r360 watercooler by Thermaltake and yes it is seated right with artic silver...I have a Rampage 2 extreme with 48gb gskill mem all 6 slots filled up...I am waiting for Asus to send me back rampage 3 extreme black edition...help would be greatly appreciated
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