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i'd like everyone with a broadwell cpu to get together and talk about their experiences with overclocking, but since this is a very small family i'd also appreciate devils canyon and skylake users to comment, especially skylake since we are both 14nm cpus.

so far i've been able to verify with cpu-z 4.5ghz but not much else, some light stress testing.

i run 4.3ghz @ 1.375v 24/7 it can do this all day no issues with any program. 4.4ghz @ 1.4-1.475ish for whatever reason anything that is really intense like exporting with sony vegas will eventually make it crash even tho temps are just fine for the most part UNDER 90c. the vrms on my mobo DO get hot tho. i even stress tested 4.4ghz with csgo on replays with my usual settings most of the day since that's what i'd do kinda mostly and it was FINE.

any tips or settings in the bios i should look out for? digi+ is a mystery to me on what it REALLY does besides make the vrms hotter, or colder if i use the right settings. what are skylake overclockers doing in regards to voltages? i'd post this in the broadwell thread but i decided making my own would be a little better.