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For Sale: X-Rite i1Display Pro Colorimeter with Personalized Easy & Accurate Monitor Calibration Guidance

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For Sale:
X-Rite i1Display Pro Colorimeter with Personalized Easy & Accurate Monitor Calibration Guidance

Will Ship To: US48

Reduced price to $160 shipped - absolute final price.

"What item are you selling?"
- Accurate X-Rite i1Display Pro colorimeter, also known as i1Display 3 (i1D3), that connects to PC's via USB cable and port. It is a device that is used to calibrate almost any display type (CRT, CCFL LCD, LED LCD, OLED, Plasma) and projectors. There's no limit as to how many calibrations you can perform of course.
- Monitor calibration can seem confusing and complex to those who have never performed one before and I think it keeps some gamers away from letting calibration improve their games' visual fidelity. It may seem confusing, but it isn't. If you would like, I can provide unlimited support for basic easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions and personalized guidance over PM's or chat-room of buyer's choice on how to achieve the most accurate calibration within buyer monitor's hardware capabilities. Several OCN and other forum members have gone as far as giving me monetary donations for providing them identical and easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions.

"How much are you asking for your item?"
- $160 shipped (Ground Shipping) to any state other than Hawaii or Alaska.
- Hawaii or Alaska buyers - please PM me to discuss shipping price.
- PayPal Only
- Originally purchased this item on Amazon (I think...) for $250 + shipping for this item.

"Why are you selling your item?"
- All 4 of my displays fully calibrated with this device and do not need it at this moment.
- Need money ASAP, but will of course return money if something is wrong with the item I am selling

Item Condition:
- Like-New, but has been for about 10 days throughout the last year and some (year on version tag is not representative of the time I purchased this device).
- Exterior - no defects, but it is made out of soft rubber that likes to collect dust, has no effect on functionality and I think its common for all the units.
- Interior (the lens) - no defects or scratches or marks that I can see. Nothing, but very gentle and very soft cloth has touched the lens to remove some 1 to 3 tiny dust particles...
- Overall the device is very clean, with a Like-New feel and look to it.
- Not like other PC components - does not require upgrading.
- Item accuracy and functionality remains the same for about 10 years or more, after which a very slow (probably imperceptible) accuracy drift/shift occurs, which can be easily corrected.
- Device firmware, version, revision, and build date are not relevant to device's accuracy. 2013 version is just as accurate as 2016 version. This confirmed by X-Rite.

Manufacturer Item Information:
- Official X-Rite site page for this item - http://www.xrite.com/i1display-pro .
- Official software for this item, i1Profiler, can be downloaded here - https://www.xrite.com/i1profiler-i1publish .
- Strongly urge to NOT download and NOT to install i1Profiler. Its very simple, extremely fast, requires no understanding of calibration, and is very easy to use, but resulting calibration accuracy is usually horrid and will not allow full calibration to be applied to games and video playback. Please continue reading for information on much better 100%-cost-free, ad-free, trial-free, and catch-free software that is not affiliated to me in any manner or form.

- All-in-all, sold about...15-20 items on the internet in the last 15 years either through eBay or various other forums, including Hard Forum
- "Monarch" on HeatWare - http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=33853
- Never had a bad sale and never had to return money
- Can provide more - some references and trader ratings are from personal PM and have to be dug up
- Have not sold any items on OCN yet

Additional Information for those not familiar with display calibration and its importance on visual fidelity:

"What will display calibration do for me?" Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
- Allow you to view film content as it was mastered / created, similar to the way you would see it in a decent movie theater (IMAX), where projects are usually well-calibrated.
- Allow you to view game graphics as it was developed. When professional game graphics developers work on their products, they calibrate their displays to make sure every graphics developer sees the same exact image as they do. Otherwise there would be no synchronization.
- Developers pick specific colors and shades to create either realistic and immersive imagery or a special tone/mood (dark, fantasy-like, Green like in The Matrix, etc.) that only those with calibrated displays will be able to experience and to see those games they way they were made .
- Allow you to better judge game graphics and graphical content not just in terms of common features like textures, polygons, shaders, lighting, models, etc., but also in terms of color selection. For example, many people are sensitive to red and reddish colors, including skin tones which are the #1 factor in creating realistic-looking people. After calibration, you can tell whether the skin tones picked fit the game's theme and add realism when intended (good color use) or not (bad color use).
- Improves image quality, accuracy, depth perception, and realism (if realism was intended, not fantasy or otherwise different color them)
- "Blue Light Reduction" , even if your monitor does not officially support it.
- "Black eQualizer (BenQ's black detail improvement feature), even if your monitor does not officially support it.

"What is expected of me? What will be necessary to calibrate my monitor?" Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
- Download small-in-size 100% cost-free, ad-free, trial-free, catch-free programs, to which I am not affiliated in any way, manner or form.
- Dark environment (all window blinds closed, all lights turned off, etc.) - the darker the better, but pitch-black is not necessary.
- 5 minutes to read my instructions or talk to me via chat-room.
- 5-10 minutes to manually pre-calibrate your monitor with hardware OSD settings/options.
- 1-2 hours of letting software do its thing automatically, without you being there, while you go swimming, take a walk, go out with friends, and etc.

Common Myths and misconceptions about display calibration. These are my personal opinions, they are biased, and if you disagree and want to let me know about it - please do so in a PM, not in this thread, which is dedicated to selling my i1Display Pro. These are also a little bit technical biggrin.gif (a little bitsy bit):
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
"My IPS/TN/VA monitor came pre-calibrated from factory, so calibration will not do anything for me."
- Even professional grade IPS monitors do not come fully pre-calibrated. The manufacturer may calibrate a single grayscale level (and there are 256 of those, all important), but not the rest of the display.
- Display may come somewhat accurate in general, but not accurate enough to actually meet the standard and let you see games and/or films as they were made and meant to be seen.
- Monitor review sites such as TFT Central, Prad.de, and few other ones report almost-useless "average values" and do not measure nor report the most important aspects of display color accuracy. Those are popular sites, but when it comes to calibration, I dare to say know better what (and how) should display accuracy be measured and what information should be reported. I spent months learning all I could about calibration from color scientists, display experts, calibration specialists, AVS Display Calibration forums, and calibration software developers. AnandTech is the only site I know of that actually reports necessary measurements. As far as other aspects of displays go (response times, input lag, etc.) - I only know the basics, a lot less than TFT Central and/or Prad.de

"I can just download an ICC profile for my display from the Internet."
- You can and it is possible that it will improve the accuracy of your display, but it is also possible that it will make your colors less accurate
- Each individual display unit requires its own calibration, even if its the exact model, the same exact build, and the same build date as the one next to it
- Sources require different calibrations also. A TV connected to and calibrated for PC with PC-oriented settings will NOT show a calibrated image when connect to a stand-alone BD Player or XBox One or PS4. You have to calibrate your display through BD-Player XBox or PS4 or BD-Player. Videocards, however, do not require separate calibrations, as long as the same exact settings are used.

"Dealing with ICC profiles is a mess. It requires the use of Borderless Window Mode, which can stutter, the use of programs such as Windowed Borderless Gaming or FullScreenizer, and ICC-enforcement programs, such as CPKeeper / Monitor Calibration Wizard. Even then some games will reset your ICC profiles anyway. In addition to that, ICC profiles can only apply grayscale corrections, not colorspace ones, which is a big part of calibration!"
- Yes, but not anymore!
- About 6 months ago, an easy-to-make and easy-to-use method of applying full/complete calibration to games has been created - ReShade TuningPalette 3DLUT.
- Before ReShade 3DLUT, madVR, the world's highest-quality and most advanced video renderer, allowed similar 3DLUT's to be used for video/film playback.
- Not so long ago Home-Theater Enthusiasts were buying $600+ 3DLUT hardware boxes to get the same high-level of accuracy as you can now get for free with ReShade and madVR .
- You still have to mess with ICC profiles for Windows desktop and streaming of non-downloadable content, such as Netflix. You can actually download YouTube videos and play them through madVR
those very very very few (usually old) games that don't work with ReShade, but as a beta-tester for ReShade, I know that 2.0 will further improve compatibility.

"I like to adjust settings to my own likeness. The look best to me."
- Best compared to..? You can't say your settings look best unless you actually compared them against a proper and accurate per-unit calibration and not come ICC profile from the internet.
- A single set of OSD settings + software settings preset for all games? In all locations and situations? To truly adjust settings to your liking, you'd have to adjust them for every game, every game's location, and then frame by frame. That isn't possible, unless that single preset is the calibrated one because accurate colors work for all games. Eventually, no matter how you twist it or turn it, calibrated image IS the best image.

"I calibrated my monitor, but its not what I expected, and some games/films look bad/worse than before."
- Calibration is not about pretty vibrant colors. It is about accurate colors, seeing game graphics was it was developed and as developers intended for you to see it.
- If, a verified-for-accuracy calibration made certain film and/or game content look worse, then blame the content, not the calibration (or i1Display Pro for that matter).
- Some rare studios, like the ones who make FIFA games and sometimes those who make small-time indie games, do NOT calibrate their monitors,their games end up looking awful on calibrated displays, and often require you to use in-game gamma/brightness/contrast sliders to get a decent picture.
- Another big factor and something to blame is your monitor. Most gamers stick with IPS or TN monitors, which have very low contrast ratio. Calibration cannot help that and it will only improve image quality as far as your monitor's hardware allows. However, both TN and IPS image quality greatly benefit from an accurate calibration.

"Calibration takes a very long time."
- Not monitor calibration, which usually takes some 5-10 minutes of manually adjusting a few settings and then letting software do the rest, which takes about 90-120 minutes for very high accuracy.
- Display calibration, once performed correctly, is a one-time process to be applied on that display. I offer my full monitor calibration services. TV's, on the other hand, can take 2-4 hours to calibrate since since they have manual controls. I can help with that too, but unlike its not a easy-to-understand step-by-step process and may take a week or so corresponding through OCN PM's.

"I am not a Pro, why would I go for i1Display Pro? I got a Spyder Colorimeter and it gets the job done."
- There's no such thing as pro and non-pro calibration hardware. There's either accurate or inaccurate hardware.
- Spyder 1, 3, 3, and 4 are not accurate. They have been discussed on AVS Display Calibration forums several times, and it was concluded that even Spyder 4 is below minimum requirements for an accurate calibration.
- Spyder 5 - unknown accuracy because no specific data has been published yet, but considering similar prices and Spyder-series' historical evidence, I do not see why you would take your chances with Spyder 5 instead of i1Display Pro...
- Pro's do use i1Display Pro and its the first affordable colorimeter that is also very accurate, but the absolute (and yet not necessary) reference-level accuracy devices, such as Klein K-10 and JETI 1211 cost $7000 and $12000 respectively.

"I read research on how our eyes visually adjust/adapt to colors on displays and if that is true, then why bother with calibration?"
- Our eyes do adjust! However, they adjust to small errors in color accuracy, not major ones, like some monitors have.
- What is even more important is that for our eyes to adjust/adapt to any kind of accuracy error, that error has to stay persistent / the same throughout all the measurements. For example, if all possible colors you would see on a monitor had 5% more red than they should have, your eyes would rather quickly adjust to such a small and persistent error. From factory, monitor errors are different in different places and are not persistent.

"ColorMunki Display (CMD) uses the same hardware i1Display Pro, but it costs less - $175."
- True, but unlike i1Display Pro, ColorMunki Display supports fewer programs, does not come with a ambient light diffuser cap, and it is slower,
- Unlike, ColorMunki Display, i1Display Pro additionally has a special Refresh mode best-suited for high refresh rate monitors (100Hz and Light-Strobing).
- i1Display Pro is THE most-commonly recommended entry-level colorimeter for an accurate calibration by knowledgeable people.

Please PM me if you have ANY questions!
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Item was sold. Please close this thread. Or do I need to close it?
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Item was sold. Please close this thread. Or do I need to close it?


You close it yourself.

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