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EDIT: Don't have this monitor anymore. Screen went crazy on me, and I returned it for a refund.

I'm braindumping, so this post will look kinda wild until I take the time to organize everything later on.

Just got mine in today. Good lord this thing is huge. My first impression when I got it was that I should have went with the 404K Final or similar, but once you get used to 55", it's a whole new ballgame. The immersion is in another dimension. It feels like I'm using that computer from Minority Report, lol.

I picked mine up from RED TAB from Amazon. It took a while for the UPS label to update (about a week), but it came in 10 days and extremely well packaged. Wood crate, Styrofoam boards inside the crate, and foam wrap around the package iteslf. The condition of the product was perfect, and there is basically no backlight bleed. I had some dead pixels, though.

Here are the big points about this monitor


Samsung VA Panel 5000:1 (blacks are a couple shades away from matching the black bezel - looks more like 3xxx:1)

No PWM flicker

Extremely low input lag for something like this. My XL2720Z is one of the lowest out there when it comes to lag, and I feel fine using this. I took some stopwatch pictures, and it had around 18ms more lag than the XL2720Z. That should put it around ~27ms which is about a frame and a half. Is the lag noticeable? Not really.

For those interested and have been 120Hz loyalists, I can say that for me, this screen is much more enjoyable than any 120Hz+ monitor, and this is coming from someone who previously wouldn't touch anything below 120Hz.

After adjusting some settings, the colors are great. It's so refreshing to see whites that are actually white, haha, and the blacks are a generous leap over any panel that is not OLED or VA. Referring to Lagom's various pictures, I was able to get the gamma around the 2.2 range (it was actually pretty much set already), I got all of the black squares to become visible (with the first one being barely visible over the black webpage body), and none of the colors are oversaturated on the contrast page.

You might ask, how are the colors compared to the TN 2720Z? Not that much different, to be honest. The greens are slightly more accurate, but other than that, the color quality is comparable. On the other hand, the 2720Z is one of the best TN panels out there when it comes to color accuracy. However, the contrast bump gives more depth to the content, and the size really sets it apart. This monitor is basically 4x 27" monitors put together...goodness.

I cannot give any in-depth gaming experiences at the time because my 290Xs are in the RMA dept, and I'm using a GTX 950 in the meantime. I did pull up The Witcher 1 for a minute or two just to see what it was like, and oh yeah. It's nice. No perceptive lag whatsoever.

Movies and whatnot are a treat, especially when you're using SVP to bring the framerate up to 60fps.

I'm pretty comfortable sitting back ~40" from the screen.

Pixel pitch is the same as a 27" 1080p monitor. I find it to be a great pixel pitch for general use, and I don't need to uee any DPI scaling.

The monitor is very tall (31" from desk to top of monitor). I find myself using windows on the bottom 2/3rds of the screen most of the time since you have to move your head in order to focus on certain parts of the screen, and because of the fact that I'm looking at the middle of the screen. The stand bumps the screen up about 3.5", so getting a stand to make it as low as possible will definitely allow you to utilize the real estate more effectively.

No overclocking.

Typical VA ghosting at lower black levels.

Size may be too big for some.

Shiny bezel, and the bottom is really flimsy. It snaps to the frame in like 4 areas, and it's easy to pull it out.

Semi-glossy screen.

I'm just jotting down some first impressions for now. I'll update with some pictures and whatnot later, and will do some more gaming testing (Freesync) whenever my cards come back from RMA in a couple more weeks.
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