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Originally Posted by Ultisym View Post

Not familiar with a lot of the models on there. I typically like to go with ASUS but there are few of the ASUS models I use in your price range and a lot of them simply arent available there apparently. I have installed an MSI Krait Gaming recently for a client and I liked it a lot.


Maybe some others will chime in on some of these other boards in the list.

What about this one?


Just because my case is Black/Red, my GPU is Black/Red and those red colors on motherboard are awesome biggrin.gif
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these Z170 and regular DDR3 statements you guys are making is all hearsay that's spreading all over thanks to Intel's misleading warnings. you CAN use DDR3 at 1.65v with a Skylake, just not by enabling an XMP profile. from what i understand the only dangerous part is your VCCIO/SA voltages. control those manually and you'll be fine.
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