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Ok I have 2 complete systems that can go with this case one is a

Crosshair 4 Formula with 2x2GB Gskil 1866mem and a B97 Quad core.

2nd option is a brand new Biostar Tpower I55 with a I5 655K 2x2 GB gskill 1866mem

The biostar is in the case to see if I wanted to use it,. Otherwise I just opened it and it's in the orig box. Rm 1000 is also Brand new in box. Have had it for sale but no offers so it can go with the lot.

SHIPPED Prices only.

Either one will have a brand new RM1000 PSU from Corsair and of course the case. Will have NO CPU cooler unless you want the TITAN Siberia seen in the picture. (it's a really nice cooler.

NOTE That is lint in the first picture from this case being in my closet for a while guess I missed it.; Nothing is damaged on this case.