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For Sale:
[UK] Full system sale. Old sig rig

Will Ship To: UK

I am selling my main rig as I now move around too much to use a full system. I have switched to a gaming laptop hooked to my monitor instead.

I will not sell individual parts; I wish to get rid of the whole PC in one.


Mobo: MSI X79A-GD65 (8D) Lga 2011 socket
CPU: i7 3820 (ran overclocked for about 1 year of its life when 1st purchased, running stock since)
RAM: 16gb Corsair Vengeance (x4 4gb) DDR3 1866
GPU1: Sapphire VAPOR-X Radeon R9 290X Tri-X 8gb
GPU2: MSI R9 290X GAMING 8gb
Soundcard: Creative X-Fi pro
Optical drive: Samsung Blu-ray
OS HDD: Samsung 840 PRO 128gb
HDD1: Samsung 850 EVO 1tb
HDD2: WD caviar Black 500gb
PSU: fully modular EVGA 850w P2
Case: Corsair Carbide Air 540, Black (un-modded)
GPU WB: EK-FC R9 290X VAPOR X (Acetyl+nickel)
Cooling: I bought the EK-kit240 but have changed the tube and fittings for larger ones.
Tubes: Masterkleer Tubing PVC 19/13mm clear
Fittings: White Compression (can't remember the brand, Monsoon at a guess)
Fans: Corsair Air SP140 PURPLE LED Dual & CORSAIR AIR SP120 TWIN's
Fan Controller: NZXT AC-GRID-10-M1 10P Fan Hub
Coolant: I have only ever used Mayhems products. Mostly the Pastel white with dye, but currently the Pastel premixed Blue.
Lighting: NZXT HUE 5.25" RGB

I also have a spare GPU waterblock for a 2nd Sapphire card I bought but broke. The block is in perfect order and was only fitted for about 1 hour; it was then removed and drained. It only had distilled water in it, no pastel or dyes. (These are no longer available from EK btw)

Both the cards installed have the same clock settings and work together perfectly, neither have been overclocked by me. They are both factory overclocked.

I will do a clean sweep of all the HDD's, I can also reload on windows 10 if required or I can ship without an OS.

I will also drain and clean they loop using Mayhems cleaning kit, or I can leave the loop filled if you require. Mayhems coolants will last years in a system without maintenance, it has currently been in the system for about 6 months, choice is yours. I do not have spare tubing so if I drain and clean the system the tubing will be stained but not dirty.

It would be preferable if the buyer is able to collect, if not I will acquire a P&P cost which will be payable by the buyer. Please let me know if you have a preference to Delivery Company, otherwise I will choose.

The oldest parts in this build are the WD HDD at around 4 years old, MOBO and CPU at around 3 years old.

The price of £1200 is open to sensible offers.

I checked current prices for all of the kit today and it came to (apx) £2431 to build brand new.

The Watercooling liquid in the pictures has been sat for about a month, Mayhems pastel can sit for months and still work fine once you start the pump up again. However as i previously mentioned i will drain and clean anyway.