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I'm building a budget gaming PC as a present, and I got a few parts in. The base is a Z77 Sabertooth that, unfortunately, arrived with bent pins. I managed to straighten them up, and seemed to work fine with a couple of CPUs I have laying around: a Celeron G1620 and a i3 3220. Boots no problem, goes into Windows, all good. I then got a second hand i7 3770K, but that one doesn't POST.

The symptoms are: DRAM_LED and CPU_LED blinking one after the other, at different speeds, sometimes forever, sometimes a few seconds then nothing happens, sometimes once and PSU stops and starts again.

I have updated the bios, both from within the BIOS and with AMIFLASH to totally overwrite it. Same result. I have gone over the pins over and over, and I don't seem to identify any that could be causing problems, all seem really in their places. I've only installed in the motherboard the cpu, ram, heatsink, 24 pins and 4 pins power, no sata nor discrete gpus. I've tried moving the RAM modules around, no result.

My question is, can some of the pins affect only the i7 and not the other CPUs? Or can I safely say the i7 is dead? Unfortunately, I don't have other 1155 mobos to test, nor friends with one.

Thanks in advance! thumb.gif

UPDATE: I got a second Z77 motherboard and the CPU is indeed dead.
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