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Suggest a case for Asus X99-M-W mATX system build in a dimension-constrained space.

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Folks, Long time reader, recent member here....
I have been combing the case vendors Antec, Corsair, NZXT, Silverthrone, CoolerMaster, Thermaltake....and have not found the "Exact one"...but close...not satisfied yet..LoL..
So I thought I will join the forum and ask the veterans.

The system I am trying to build is as follows:
1. Intel i7-5960x 140W CPU 8 cores / 16 threads (not planning to overclock "a Lot" but will do for fun once in a while).
2. Asus X99-M-W mATX board. https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/X99M_WS/
3. Asus Geforce 680 (yes recycling from my son's computer) https://www.asus.com/us/Graphics-Cards/GTX680DC2O2GD5/
4. 4x8 (32GB) DDR4 2133 Corsair Dominator platinum http://www.corsair.com/en-us/memory/dominator-platinum
5. 400GB Intel 750 series PCIE 3.0 SSD card http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820167359
6. Corsair AX760 Platinum http://www.corsair.com/en-us/ax760-atx-power-supply-760-watt-80-plus-platinum-certified-fully-modular-psu

Basically that is it
NO SSD, NO HDD, NO ODD (optional, I may be okay with it, but prefer no drives at all)

Here is my constraint:
I have a Hutch (I hate it...but I cannot do anything about it...Aaaarrrrrgggg)
The System ***opening*** is EXACTLY 8.1"x 19.7" (205mm x 500mm) once it enters I have about 2" on top and 1" on either side clearance.. But there is NO way to get any system which is 210mm or 503mm. forget it. Teh depth of the hutch is at least 2.5 so it is deep, no problem there...

So basically Fresh Air intake has to come from the front of the case or the bottom (from the front again) or the sides (hmmmm... not much there...but may be...)
Top I am thinking for exhaust but will listen to ideas of intake as well.

Now given the dimensional constrains as the clearance from air intake, I postulated that ...
1. I need a OPEN front fascia or almost open front with 280mm radiator with push pull or love to have a 360 radiator push/pull or push pull... I dont want 420mm rads as I am NOT interested in build a custom loop. I am planning to buy AIOs form 280mm Kraken X61 or 240mm Corsair H115i or 360 thermaltake 3.0 ultimate

2. Top minimum of 2 x 140mm love to have 3x120
Has not decided Exhaust or Intake... and also interested in idea of moving the radiator from front to top...though something inside me tells NOOOOOO.....but will listen to the debate....

3. Side ...prefer to have at least 1x120mm as an intake blowing over the PCI cards...will accept exhaust also...

4. Prefer to have external USB and power button etc on the Front top, side is also okay.... but Not on the top surface (I don't want to put my hand inside and plug the flash drive or phone cable and accidentally hit the power button LoL)

Well I did some research.....
Not satisfied with the options available....

1. NZXT S340 + kraken 61 (200 X 445 x 432) (280mm push pull !!!)--> Very sexy...https://www.nzxt.com/products/s340-black Read all the reviews and saw the you tube videos....MY CONCERN...the Air take is HUGELY constrained the front fascia has no holes...all the air has to come from top or bottom slot... which will make me run the intake push pull fans at maximum... NOISE??? there is no bottom ventilation nor side ventilation... the whole case looks to me like a small box for a 140W + Geforce 680+32GB RAM+ 750series SSD card..+ Asus X99 system itself... Yes it is possible to build this system but something inside me tells that this is a "too small" system will be basically a HOT-BOX.....and needs all fans to run at maximum....May be I can punch holes in the front cover???

2. Fractal Design Core 2500 (WxHxD):195 x 431 x 450mm) -280mm push pull <---front has no direct ventilation; Smaller than NZXT ??? But has 2 fans on the top and 2 fans on the bottom and even one fan on the side... so more ventilated as a whole than NZXT. I wish there is some way to get rid of the ODD bays and install a 360 or even 420mm Radiator (yes I will violate my own rule of AIO only). .to get direct ventilation from the front , may be I should punch holes in the front cover???

3.Super Micro S5 Height 18.1" (460mm) Width 7.9" (200mm) Depth 19.4" (493mm) FRONT OPEN case Removable HDD/SSD bay 3 fan on top 2 on side 2 on front. Will fit 280mm radiator???...there is some doubt there even after removing all HDD, 3.25 drive bays a 280mm may not fit???.... please comment.... looks like a good choice...except for the hideous red trim....and if only those ODD bays are gone I could have fit a 360 or even a 420mm... Mod guys need your help here...take a look at it.

4. Corsair Carbide Series® SPEC-M2 448mm x 198mm x 378mm single ODD, nice!!! pushpull H100i (Two 140 on the top??? No 280mm Radiator anywhre? But again FRONT OPEN....

5. Anything other case comes to your mind folks?

What do you guys think? 1.Sexy NZXT 2. Breezy Fractal Core 2500, 3. Hideous and doubtful Supermicro S5 or settle for fully open 4. Corsair Carbide Spec M2 and only 240 radiator.

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the question is HOW is the hot air exhausted from inside the hutch? is the back side of the hutch open so the hot exhaust from the computer can vent out? w/o some kind of vent to allow the hot air to escape, any case you use will simply turn the hutch into an oven. once we have a better idea of what kind of ventilation we have to work with then we can give better suggestions on case.

also are you dead set on liquid cooling? with a well designed case, you can easily use a high end air cooler even on that 140w chip. a high end air cooler wouldn't be too far off from even a 280mm AIO cooler.
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The hutch is fully open at the back and has enough clearance (more than a foot) to the wall for the hot air to escape. So it is intake from the front and exhaust to the back towards the wall ...
FYI: I do have a PC inside the hutch for the past 10 years (Kentsfield XE 130W) it is running okay even now on Win10 (LoL, I know it may die any day...so upgrading to to Haswell-E )

I don't want to talk here about Air-cooled vs AIO liquid cooling i have decided already on Liquid cooling.

(for e.g. It is almost impossible to do regular maintenance on the if it is a simple air-cooled (Noctua D14/15) I will have to take the whole PCU out and open it and clean the fans and clean the heat sink Fins with a tooth brush... on the other hand I can easily clean the radiator from the front... there are many more reasons...another thread may be)
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