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Benq FP241W DVI-D input no longer working

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I have had a 24" Benq FP241W since 2007 and apart from a few random and momentary black-outs every few days, it has worked admirably until today. I saw there were a few posts on this forum about this monitor, so I am wondering if anyone has seen anything similar to the situation below, or has any suggestions about what to try next.

My set-up is a 2011 Macbook Pro with an official Apple Mini-Displayport to DVI adapter, and a DVI cable to the monitor. This allows the Macbook (using the discrete video hardware, integrated doesn't support external displays) to drive the display at the full 1920x1200 resolution.

However today, after changing nothing, this configuration just suddenly stopped working. The monitor displays "No Signal Detected!" and the power LED goes to orange when I select DVI-D as the input. Usually the macbook's own display flickers a bit when the adapter is attached, but now it doesn't do anything at all, and OSX shows no additional displays detected.

I've tried NVRAM reset on my macbook, and all sorts of combinations of power-off/power-on/disconnect/connect/factory-reset.

I suspected the DVI cable, so I replaced it - but it did not resolve the issue.

I tried the adapter on another (older) macbook, and strangely this does detect the monitor and drive it, but it doesn't show any information from the monitor (such as model, suitable resolutions, etc) and instead just displays at 640x480 resolution. Trying to set the resolution to anything else doesn't work - there's no entries in the available resolution list. The display is stuck at 640x480, but at least it's displaying something. It's as if the EDID info isn't being sent down from the monitor.

I tried an HDMI-MiniDisplayport adapter with an HDMI to DVI cable, and although this cable has worked fine in the past, it didn't work this time with my first macbook. Same behaviour as the other adapter, and same behaviour on the other mac too.

So I think I've isolated the issue to the monitor itself, although I don't understand the difference in behaviour between the two Macs (maybe they handle corrupt or missing EDID info differently). At this point I'm looking for suggestions on what might have gone wrong. Also, is there a way to diagnose EDID issues on a mac?

I am able to use HDMI via a third-party HDMI-MiniDisplayport adapter, however the monitor only shows 1080 vertical resolution in this case, and looks a bit "off". However for now it's all I've got.
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One extra piece of info - the monitor had been in (dry, cool, dust-free) storage for 12 months prior, and developed this fault the same day it came out of storage, however it did work for the first half of the day.
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