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I was searching for answers to how to adjust the crossover point when using the bass management feature in Realtek HD audio. I saw a post from 2014 where a user posted a screenshot showing the ability to adjust the crossover. I have no option in the Realtek sound manager to adjust the crossover even though I have the latest version installed running on Windows 10.

The thing is, I can use the crossover in my Yamaha receiver by setting the speakers to "small", however Realtek (or Microsoft?) decided that when "full range" speakers are enabled in Windows, it does not pass any bass to the subwoofer at all through the subwoofer output. I have some fairly large Onkyo bookshelf speakers with dual 5.25" woofers, so they can handle bass better than satellite speakers. I'm not liking the one-size-fits-all thing going on here, so I would like the ability to set the crossover in Windows to the proper level that matches my speakers, but it seems there is no way to do this anymore.

I could use my sub's speaker level input and set my speakers to full-range, but then I would lose the discrete LFE effect channel.

I decided to uninstall the Realtek audio drivers and low and behold, the adjustable crossover is now available. This is perfect to use with a HTIB sub. My Onkyo subwoofers' crossover is preset to around 150Hz which is ridiculously high for a system with bookshelf speakers that can easily play down to 80Hz. What I'm not so sure about is if the Onkyo reciever that came with this HTIB sets the crossover of the subwoofer or if it is built into the subwoofer itself.

When the Realtek HD drivers are installed the adjustable crossover is disabled for whatever reason. The Windows audio driver seems to work good enough and you can simply use the receiver's speaker calibration instead of the one Realtek provides.
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