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Asus Crosshair V Formula-z RAM

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The manual for the ASUS Crosshair V Formula-z says that i cannot run corsair ddr3 2400mhz 32gb ram. has anyone ran corsair ddr3 2400hmz 32gb ram on the crosshair v formual-z motherboard? does anyone know for a fact if it will run on the mb? the gskill 2400mhz 32gb ram is more expensive than the corsair and i like corsair more. the stackup i will be running is -

Computer Tower: NZXT Phantom 820
Fans: 4x200mm (nzxt) (blue led) and 4x140mm (Corsair) (blue led)
Motherboard: Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z
CPU: AMD 8-core fx 8370
Memory (I Want to run): Corsair ddr3 2400mhz 32gb (4x8gb)
Power Supply: Corsair RM100i (1000w)
SSDs: 2 500gb ssds
SATA HHDs: 3 Seagate stb SATA 7200rpm
Optical Drive: 1 Optical Drive (Blu-ray/DVD burner and player)
Misc: 1 NZXT Sentry 3 fan controller
1 Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710 Keyboard/Mouse Combo
1 Viewsonic 24"" gaming monitor
1 NZXT IUO1 USB Expansion

any kind of feedback anyone has would be excellent. thank you!!!
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Not because of the motherboard but because of the memory controller of the CPU. Officially the CPU support four dual rank modules at 1333MHz. The highest officially supported frequency is 1866MHz (two dual rank modules).

You should be able to reach 1600-1866MHz with four modules with some tinkering, however 2400MHz is not going to happen with four modules.
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that didn't my question....or maybe i dont understand.....so will i be able to run crosair dd3 2400mhz 32gb (4x8gb) memory on a Asus crosshair V formula-z ram? or am i best using the memory listed in the manual for the motherboard g-skill 2400mhz 32gb (4x8gb)? i had one person at asus that said corsair wont be compatible and another person at asus said corsair is compatible.....when i go to amazon and look at the most recenty bought items with the crosshair motherboard it lists corsair .....i go to newegg and it says g-skill.......so again i am not sure.....i have seen a lot of forums that say people have ran corsair at 2400mhz on the crosshair just fine.....i just dont want to buy corsair memory and find out that its not compatiable and have to send it back to amazon and then wait for new memory
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