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Ah I see. I'm never up to date on different countries availability. AS5 is still a good option don't get me wrong, it's just that there are other better options out there. With PC's and computers, there is always going to be some sort of better option out there, it just comes to preferences and availability.

Anyway, if you want to speed up the cure time, just put your hardware under some stress and get the temperature up for a little, then let it cool down by letting it sleep for a while. Repeat the process a few times and you should be good to go.
how about i run unigene heaven, valley and 3dmark one by one ???? ... that shall put stress enough on the card then
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Originally Posted by SauronTheGreat View Post

is this for real ? i just applied it, so my temperatures are going to lower after a certain time ? please dont tell me its just a marketing technique of Arctic ?
Yes and no. While maximum heat transfer ability can take up to 200 hours to achieve, for all practical purposes maximum heat transfer is achieved in a few cold to high stress load / heat level cycles.

It is far more important to be sure of good metal to metal contact with TIM only filling the microscopic voids than the rhetoric about cure time.

In case you do not know, TIM heat transfer is not even close to what good metal to metal contact is, but it is much better than what air transfers when there is no TIM in the voids created by the pores of the metal structure.

More information about processor size under IHS Which is the area we want TIM to cover in link below
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