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Reseating the h100i

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Recently oced my 2700k and im not getting constant temps between the 4 cores in idle, avg temps are: core#1 31 core#2 36 core #3 34 core#4 38..... Is anyone else having this issue or is this normal? Should i reseat my h100i? When i first installed it i didnt know it already came with thermal paste on it but i had already applied some on top of the cpu when i mounted it. Should i clean both and re apply new paste? V core is at 1.345 btw at full load with intel burn test at max it goes to about 1.39-1.40
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Temp variations between the cores like you have are completely normal. No worries there.

However, if you are saying that you used both TIMs....then, yes, clean it up and reseat it using the proper amount. You have way too much on there, which will yield lower performance. Too much TIM is not a good thing.
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Ok thanks... Ok so clean both tims from cpu and the h100i?
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Originally Posted by gerardz View Post

Ok thanks... Ok so clean both tims from cpu and the h100i?

Yes, you want two clean surfaces, and follow the guidelines @doyll linked.
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okay so I reseated and re applied...seems like I did get an even spread, so I dont think I did it wrong....but it
seems like the temps got a bit hotter by 2 celcius.

On max IBT


Core# 0 = MAX 77
Core# 1 = MAX 89
Core# 2 = MAX 89
Core# 3 = MAX 84


Core# 0 = 31
Core# 1 = 39
Core# 2 = 37
Core# 3 = 35

its not weird at all that core#1 and #2 are about 12 C Higher than #0 ?

here are my BIOS Settings

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It's not odd at all. My Core 4 is always around 10 degrees lower than the other three. Typical Intel behavior in chips with TIM rather than solder.
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