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Want to buy a new mouse for RTS and FPS games. Need help

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What's your grip style? Claw
What's your sensitivity? I played CS:GO shortly before I also started playing Starcraft 2 and generally use the same DPI for both games ( 800) though i just recently changed the DPI in Starcraft to something between 850-950
What's your maximum budget? There is not really a maximum budget atm
Do you want additional buttons? No additional buttons needed but not hated either
What games do you play? CS:GO, Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Diablo 3 and maybe soon World of Warcraft again (if the new addon releases^^)
Do you mind about prediction? i would rather be precise with my own movement ( if i understood that correctly)

Other relevant information:
I am sorry for not knowing all of the additional stuff that one could know about mice but I would really really appreciate any kind of help, you would do me such a huge favor simply making one or two examples for mice..

My mice before were the Razer Naga Molten Core (for approximately 5 years) and afterwards the Steelseries Kana which I got from my dad because I couldnt afford a new mouse back then.

I searched for some mice myself and found the Razer Taian do be looking quite good ( in terms of being good) for a claw grip and the NAOS 7000 which is kind of an allrounder i guess?

Thank you for any kind of responses =)

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If the shape fits you, only if it does, go for Logitech G303.

Taipan has a laser sensor which is generally not very good. Naos is more of a palm grip mouse. If you want Mionix mouse, look at Avior 7000.

SS Rival 100 is probably closest mouse to Kana in terms of shape, but is not as flexible as G303 and Avior in terms of DPI (these two can set DPI in steps of 50).

And well there is always Logitech G502 if you dont mind heavy mice and sniper button.

Upd. Forgot about Roccat. There is Savu (if you dont mind alittle outdated sensor) and Kone Pure Military.
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Thank you =) I'll look into them, what difference is there between the laser sensor and other sensors? Because I see almost anything just "sensor" in the description of the mice.
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Modern laser sensors have some amount of random accel, and are considered not acceptable on this forum ^)

You should go optical unless you REALLY like the shape of a laser mouse.
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Ahh okay ty xD what about the Zowie FK 1 or 2? i would prefer the 2 because my hands are very small, I just heard good things about this mouse, just the DPI settings cannot be set in own steps (400/800/1600/3200, no more)
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Zowie's buttons are famous for being kinda stiff, so they're not advised for click-heavy games like SC2 or LoL. Otherwise their mice are fine.
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Thank you very much m1st! i researched today like 5 hours and ended up buying the avior 7000, i'll tell you how the mouse works for me when she comes here =)
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