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Green Manalishi

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Hey there,
From the creator of the Dragonball Z Gaming PC, TC Computer-Tech's next custom build starts!
A New build log for the Green Manalishi Custom Gaming PC! This build will be a concept of a brand new tower on the market by DEEPCOOL and will be based on liquid cooling the CPU and motherboard as well as the GPU with a 360mm Radiator and a 240mm radiator. The budget for this computer will be from 2K to 3K. We are hoping for additional sponsorship including Intel, EVGA, ASUS, DEEPCOOL, Swiftech, Bitspower. Distributors include MicroCenter, NEWEGG, FrozenCPU, and modders ShakMods, and White Light Laser.

• i7 4790K @ 4.0GHz
• EVGA SuperSC 16GB 2400Mhz
• Swiftech H220
• Corsair Green LED SP120 X2
• Asus Z97 ROG Maximus VII HERO
• EVGA GTX 980Ti
• Intel 750 Series PCIe SSD 400GB
• Samsung EVO 250GB
• EVGA CQ 1000W

Case Mod Information
• DEEPCOOL Genome (Green)

NOTE: I will be taking to oppertunity to be the first to mod this tower by deepcool. It has an integrated liquid cooling system I plan to replace the waterblock with a full CPU and Motherboard block.

• EK FC-TITAN (NVA-PG600) Original CSQ - Acrylic
• DEEPCOOL Integrated Tower LC System (Modding)
• BitsPower ASUS Maximus Z97 Water Block Set - Acrylic

More to be announced..

Custom Lighting
• 5M 3528 300X Led LED – RBG w/Remote IR
• Overall case lighting (?)

Mods & Nik Naks
• PCI-E Extender

More to be announced..

Color Legend:
Green- Specific Modding / In works
Black - Standard Level / Included
Red - Standard Board / Finished

Progress photos and information illustrating intentions will follow up as the thing comes together...
Updates will come and more talented modders to give advice will help this be even better!

I am also looking for +REP. Favors can be returned.
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This is the 1st ALL NEW parts for the build I have received. The DEEPCOOL tower should be here soon after release date the 8th this month.
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I completed the EK waterblock with the Gold backplate!

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