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I think something like 41mm rear hump (towards the back) and a width of like 62-66mm with a shorter length and lightweight would be an ideal size - the rival was very long I agree ; but the hump and width were 'ok' I just think if the hump was more.. natural and the mouse wasn't as long it'd be a really great shape. The EC1 is close to that shape but it's a little too tall on the back being 43mm plus the hump isn't towards the back but more towards the center

logitech's g402 or g502 for example are sort of near that range - but they just have too many 'extra' buttons on them, and the right side is just a hair too small for both your index/pinky (because there's a large forced ridge) and the weight of the 502 is a little bit too much - those could be nice as well re-done. Like for example if they started re-doing their larger sizes similar to how they do this new g pro - and bring along those new mouse skates they could make a really competent lineup and actually begin to compete in the larger mice area (aka against the rival/deathadder/ec series) cause those players won't use a g pro cause of their grip/large hands most likely
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