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So I decided to upgrade from my GTX770 TO the G1 970 for The Division, and as you know that game look fantastic. I would like to run 60FPS on all Ultra but my FPS hangs around 50ish and Id like it to stay around 60ish.

Thank God for overclocking! Now I currently have an OC on my CPU at 4.5Ghz (i5 2550k) and I would like to OC this G1 a little bit more. I see everyone doing the +100 and +500 but when I did mine that way Im getting issues with the driver stop working. I did some tests with playing the Division and GPU Z shower some possible power errors like not enough or reliable vpower. I was doing the +82mA that so many others do but I still get crashes. Weird thing is, is I've never got a crash doing a 30 min furmark stress test.

These are what I think the culprits may be:

1. My card uses Elpida memory and when I dont OC the ram and just OC the GPU - I'm stable (so far)
2. My OC on my CPU might need to come down to supply enough power to the GPU
3. Might need to replace my 4+ yr old Antec 900w "High Current" PSU

Any help or suggestions would be great. Thank you for your time taken to respond to this post.