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[SPONSORED] - [Work Log] "Blue Morpho" IN WIN D-Frame Mini

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It's Build Time Again !!

Hi Guys,

Finally time to start a new project!

This time i bought an In-Win D-Frame Mini case, and started brainstorming about the Design layout.
Usually when i am about to start a new project, i just go crazy on google and search for all kinds of stuff, and this time i fell upon an image of a beautifull Blue butterfly sitting on a bunch of small white rocks..

And BOOM there it was, my head was loving the white and blue colors, and it didnt take me long to make an image collage of all the hardware and designs i wanted for this build.

I knew i didnt just want the Red D-frame to be standard, and found some inspiration from B-negative's LUMO build (AMAZING BUILD!)..
I then contacted my good friends at Parvum Systems, and came up with a nice reservoir design to replace the existing mainboard tray. (Rendering teaser below)

So thats the reservoir/mainboard tray idea smile.gif
The plan is to run the tubing from the watercooled parts into the reservoir, and the water will flow through the tunnels in the res tray, making use of as little bends and tubing as possible.

Also, I am not a big fan of just standard GPU mounting options, and like to do whatever i can to place the GPU any other place that makes the beautifull water block visible instead.
This time i will try to flip the GPU and mount it on the PSU housing, making the GPU Waterblock fully visible.

The D-Frame mini case itself, is going to get powder coated white, or at least thats the idea so far.
maybe i will change the color later on or do something else mixing white and blue smile.gif

That should be enough info for a start smile.gif

Status updates and Build Progress links will be further down in this post, and will be updated everytime i upload new images smile.gif

OOH WAIT .. allmost forgot.. the name for this project is "Blue Morpho" the name of the butterfly i found smile.gif..

Just a small "What to come" Teaser smile.gif

Everything in the Blue Morpho is going to be watercooled with parts from EKWB.com, Led's and other cool stuff from Coolerkit.com,
the fluids is from Mayhems.co.uk, The Mainboard is from Gigabyte Nordic,
Caseking.de and Super Flower handed over the 1000w Power Supply for this build,
And all the PSU sleeving is from MainframeCustom.com, and again Parvum Systems is the shizzle when it comes to custom parts!
Also E22.biz did some small parts for the build, the finishing touches smile.gif

Progress Links :

The First Renderings
The D-Frame Mini Before Paint
The Hardware
The Sleeving
The New Gpu Mount
The Supremacy Evo and Ek-Ram Monarch x2
The EK-FC970 ACX Nickel GPU Block
The EKWB Fittings, Coolstream PE240 and GPU Backplate
The EK Vardar Fans Before Paint
Ek Vardar Fans After Paint
Monarch Module And EK-Supremacy Evo before and After paint
Mayhems Pastel Blue
Mounting the EK-Ram modules, and the EK-Ram Monarch x2
Some Goodies On The Way
The DDC Pump, And New Footstands From In Win
Painting The IN WIN D-Frame Mini
IN WIN D-Frame Mini After Paint
Gpu Mount Test, with Waterblock
Engraved And Custom Parts
Installing the engraved PSU Covers and more
Sleeving the EK-DDC Pump
Just Trying Some New Stuff
Final Renders of Res/Mobo Block Before Cut
Installing the PSU while Awaiting Parvum
FINALLY!! The Reservoir/Motherboard block has arrived!
Need Help With 24Pin Sleeving Design?!
Sleeving and Installing Blocks
Allmost Done Sleeving
Tubing Done! Ready to Fill the loop!
Done Filling The Loop, Now Bleed Testing

Teasers :


The Blue Morpho Specs :

Mobo: Gigabyte Ga-Z97N-WIFI
CPU: Intel Core i5-4690k
PSU: Super Flower Leadex Platinum 1000W
Memory: 2 x 8 GB of HyperX Fury 2133MHz
GPU: EVGA GTX 970 Superclocked ACX 4GB
SSD's: 250GB Samsung Evo 850(OS), 500GB Samsung Evo 840(Games)

Watercooling Parts :

Radiator: EK-CoolStream PE 240
Cpu Block: EK-Supremacy EVO - Nickel
Gpu Block: EK-FC970 GTX ACX - Nickel
Memory Blocks: EK-RAM Monarch X2 - Nickel and EK-RAM Monarch Module - Black (2pcs)
Fittings: EK-HDC Fitting 12mm G1/4 - White
Tubing: EK-HD Tube 10/12mm 500mm
Pump: EK-XTOP DDC 3.2 PWM Elite - Plexi (incl. pump)
Reservoir: Custom reservoir from Parvum Systems

PSU Sleeving :


And off cause connectors, terminals and MFC CUSTOM 18AWG WIRE – White

And A lot of other cool stuff, Pics will follow smile.gif

Hope you guys like the renders and the design Idea smile.gif

Will be making step by step pics of painting, sleeving and everything i do.

This Build Is Made Possible By:

Stay Awesome Bro's,

BeckModz - Liquid Designs
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The First Renderings

Okay guys, first up is some renderings of the custom Reservoir/Mainboard tray,
that Parvum systems is currently working on for this project.
I really wanted to make a reservoir like this, to do as little bending and tubing as possible,
want to keep this build as clean as possible because of the small amount of space there is in this case. Also i want to use the backside of the reservoir/mainboard tray, as SSD mount and
also implement cable routing in it smile.gif

Will get more renders soon i hope. If not then you just have to wait till the piece is here biggrin.gif

Am pretty happy with how this could turn out!...
I really enjoy working together with Justin and Shaun at Parvum Systems, these lads are amazing
at what they do, and allways impress me with their level of detail and skill!
Hope you like it !!
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The D-Frame Mini Before Paint

Just a few images of the sexy In-Win D-Frame in it's original Red color.
Realy like the design layout of this little case, also like the red color, if i was doing a red themed build, but i'm not smile.gif
So this good looking D-Frame Mini is heading off to powder coating!
Going to paint it white, or at least that's the idea so far smile.gif

Can't wait to get it back again, and get that GPU mount up and running on the PSU cover! smile.gif
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Subbed. biggrin.gif
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The Hardware

This post is all about the hardware choices.
I chose an Intel Core i5-4690k because that's plenty of brains for this small project:) And i have had several i7-4790k's so time to see how the i5-4690k does on water smile.gif
the EVGA Gtx 970 SC was chosen, mostly because i really loved the looks of the EKWB.com waterblock that was available for it biggrin.gif And i'm allways all about the looks biggrin.gif
Gigabyte hit me up with their GA-z97N-wifi mainboard, sexy little powerfull thing, but think i have to mod it a bit, to make it look just a tiny bit more beautifull. smile.gif
The PSU .. Caseking and Superflower sent me the Leadex Platinum 1000w PSU. Overkill for the other hardware but what a powerfull beauty it is. Will show more of it when i get down to sleeving all the cables for this build smile.gif
Anyways, here's the images of the hardware!

Thats all for now! smile.gif
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The Sleeving

Once again David from Mainframecustom.com sent me the sleeving goodies needed for this project.
The MFC teleios sleeving looks amazing as usual, such a tight and beautifull weave.
Really the only product i've worked with that mealts that easy and allways gives a clean look, when you do heatshrinkless.
Also, all these beautiful shades of blue looks so great! Will be a hard choice when i have to decide on a color pattern for the cables.

Cant wait to get all the sleeving done and installed biggrin.gif. Going to look so good!
Stay Tuned !!
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The New Gpu Mount

So as mentioned, I didnt like the way the GPU was sitting in the Motherboard, with the fans facing the PSU and only the backplate shown.
I chose the EVGA GTX 970 SC ACX 2.0 because it had the best looking Water Block from EKWB.com, and obviously i wanted that beautifu block to be visible in the build.
So i tried a lot of different options, trying to figure out where and how it would be best shown. And came up with mounting it on the PSU cover/mount.
I first off meassured out the hole positioning, stripped the GPU down to test mount, drilled the 3m holes and Tapped them, and then mounted the GPU to see how it looked.
I must say, I'm pretty happy with the result! Once the Water Block is attached and filled with liquid, this is going to look amazing.

Sorry i was too lazy to remove the thermal paste before taking the pics lol..
Stay Tuned !!
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The Supremacy Evo and Ek-Ram Monarch x2

next up is the "BrainFreezer" also known as the CPU water block.. The Supremacy Evo Nickel, again a high level of detail and sexiness gone into this part. Just looks so clean and stylish, like all other parts from EKWB.
And the Ram cooling block, the Monarch x2, also a beauty..
Have been thinking alot about modding the nickel plated copper parts in the edges of all the blocks, just give it another color or something, but let's se ..

Hope you like it !!
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The EK-FC970 ACX Nickel GPU Block

This is the sexy GPU block i was talking about, and the main reason why i went with the GTX 970 SC from EVGA.
I mean just look at this beauty! absolutely amazing design and work by EKWB.com on this one.
Will put up more images of it later, maybe a test to see the looks with the Mayhems Fluid in it smile.gif
Also i am thinking of maybe doing some work on the frame of the water blocks, painting them or using vinyl to make a pattern.

Will put up more images when i mount the block on the GPU smile.gif
Hope you like it !!
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The EKWB Fittings, Coolstream PE240 and GPU Backplate

So here's the Radiator, the fittings and the gpu backplate.
Going to use the EK-HDC 12mm G1/4 - White fittings for this build, and try to use as little angles adapters as possible.
Will try to do all the bends in the acrylic tubing instead, to get a cleaner look.

Stay Tuned For More !!
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