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Dell UP2516D or U2515H Monitor?

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Hello all,

I can't decide whether to purchase a Dell UP2516D or U2515H.

I will use the monitor for gaming, IT work (coding, SQL, research, Windows/Linux admin), and general internet use. Not particularly for graphics professional usage, but I do like good, strong colours, as I have been spoilt in the past by using ViewSonic's VP range of monitors. My current Iiyama 1080p screen looks washed out and lacklustre in comparison to the (10 year old) ViewSonic's.

I had a P2416D at work, and brought it home to test in my environment, and have been blown away by the colours, the richness and depth of them. It's every bit as good as my old ViewSonic's. But I don't really know how much of this is due to it being a 'PremierColour' model.

So, I guess my main question is: do you think I will regret not paying the extra (£100-ish) for the UP2516D model, over the U2515H if I am not using it for professional graphics work?

Thank you very much!

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For the UP2516D, it really depends on if you will ever use it's full feature set, which by your stated uses sounds like you will not, unless perhaps you want the kvm switching functionality. You should read up on wide gamut compared to standard sRGB. You will, like most people want to be using sRGB 99% of the time, or for your stated uses 99.9% of the time, so you would be paying for something you don't need.

The difference is that the UP2516D is a BG-r led backlit panel, the P2416D and U2515h are White Led backlit and the Viewsonics that you are used to using, (if they are 10 years old) are ccfl tube backlit panels. So all very different.
And the VP series range from low end Tn panels, to mid range MVa panels to 8 bit Ips panels, so it's hard to say what you been looking at for 10 years. But for the most part all of these panel types are much better in almost all respects today in general.

Basically if you found the P2416D looked good to you, the U2515H should not disappoint as it's a higher class of monitor with higher build standards, semi color calibrated from the factory, better pixel defect standards ect. "P" means professional or business class, not pro color or anything like that. It may sound confusing, but as categories go, Dells "U"ltra sharp series is held to a higher standard than the "P" series and the new "UP" series is just apparently the new naming for Ultrasharp Professional business class, for companies that do that sort of color work ect. The "U" designates it an Ultrasharp though and separates it from a regular "P" series. Hope that makes sense, lol.
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Hi KGPrime,

I would like to thank you sincerely for taking the time out to write such an informative reply. It has been a great help and very insightful. I have proceeded with purchasing the U2515H smile.gif

Very Best Regards.

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