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Racing,flying and other gaming rig

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hi all, just wanted to share something that i have been building few weekends now and is closing to finish smile.gif hopefully this can inspire others to start their own projects.

i have hotas for elite dangerous and other flight games and racing wheel set for xbox one and pc. i wanted something that could incorporate both to the same platform so i dont have to change those around depending of the game that im going to play.

spent few hours of designing the project and then i started to order all the material i needed. wood came pre-cut but i had to saw the MDF-panels to fit my desing. i did not want to paint the mdf panels so i thought to try vinyl coating and its working nicely. how durable it is remains to be seen.

below you can find the pictures that i took while building this project.

from these i should get a gaming rig, let see what happens..

after the first weekend i had the base ready. its on wheels so i can place either racing or flying side to tv. its also covered with the same material that is used in subwoofers etc. to give it a softer feel.

then i test fitted the pieces in middle and side to see if everything will fit together.

starts to take a shape, still needs some cutting before the final form.

places for joysticks are ready and seem to fit ok. after this its final sanding and then the vinyl project can begin smile.gif

first side ready and its looking good

these pictures are where im now. still needs pedal mount and there is going to be a "secret" drawer at the back of the middle console.

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OMG so cool..love those seets bro:thumb:
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time for some updates!

pedals and shifter base are ready, need to finish the H-gate and buy a better shifter knob and then the racing part is ready smile.gif

and this weekend i get to start work on mouse/keyboard tray that comes to flight side. i have allready bought monitor arm that im going to use to house the mouse and keyboard.
then its easy to move out of the way when i dont need it.
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Test fitting the hgate base and sparco shifter knob, seems to fit nicely. I added some metal on top of the wood to make it more rigid.

Starting to take final shape

Again test fitting and this time i drilled holes for the bolts.

When i was satisfied with the shape, it was time to add 3m carbon vinyl.

Now i need only to add finishing touches to shifter base and ready to drive smile.gif
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Finished the keyboard tray also smile.gif

And this is how the build looks now, i would say its ready for some gaming time smile.gif

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wow!! congratulations, amazing set up!!thumb.gif
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I would probably tear that wheel off. Even rigs made from aluminum profiles tend to wobble and such, this floating wanna be wooden desk damn, I would give it a week lol
Tons of work otherwise.
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Wheels "floating" base is supported by 2X4:s so i dont think its going to brake smile.gif sturdy enough for me atleast
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Few more pictures of the build smile.gif

A bit dark picture but i wanted to take a shot where the keyboard etc is illuminated

Better view of the racing part

Last picture shows the "hidden" compartment smile.gif
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