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Nice dude...still like to see more pics detail of them mods..cuts..build..
What hppnd to the cut up r4??
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Originally Posted by X-PREDATOR View Post

Nice dude...still like to see more pics detail of them mods..cuts..build..
What hppnd to the cut up r4??

It's cut at the bottom corner of the case. It's not really noticeable if you're looking at the case... I know its there but yea... Case modding has kinda been put on hold for now. Waiting on my new stuff before making any additional changes.

Pretty sure I'm going to go with this ram:
and remove the heat spreaders on them so they fit with my CPU cooler... The 3333MHz speed should be great with Sky Lake also!

Still in limbo with my parts sold from ebay and other sources... I've got the Sandisk X400 covered and I could also pick up some memory but I'm going to wait to get everything at the same time since I don't want any parts to be defective and wait past 30 days to find out...
Newegg usually has pretty good memory sales so I'll just be on the lookout in about 30-45 days for some good DDR4... Heck...with the timing of things if I keep waiting...I may end up getting my upgrade parts around black Friday...
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Progress is coming! I was able to get my 6700k and motherboard earlier than I thought...

Teaser! Building to commence this week! Should have it build by this weekend!
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Sweet bro:cheers:
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With the pending release of Kaby Lake I still think I'll end up holding on to this 6700k chip. With the price I got it $290, I think that was a pretty good deal. We shall see today what kind of volts it needs and temps...fingers crossed. sad-smiley-002.gif
Got my good camera out this time...

I ended up lapping the CPU cooler again JUST to be sure that the cooler indeed was flat. I really am going to need ample cooling on this 6700k chip. I'm planning on the delid, just not sure which method to use yet. Once I know everything works great, I'll likely delid and also lapp the IHS of the 6700k. Say goodbye warranty....

6700k set! Everything is hooked up and ready to go! Only issue I foresee is the Silverstone case has a defective part on it, the power button and reset button are labeled the exact same "PWR Switch"...uh ok. So I have no real way of telling which is which till I power it on...hopefully I have the right one...

Some HD audio and also some sound absorbing foam! I'm excited to hear the clarity of the audio through my G35 headphones!

Still going to use the fan controller. The removal of the sata cables and sata power cable really gave me some additional space in the case to fit the controller snug with the rest of the case.

I have to reorient the cooler as the actual socket for the CPU is slightly higher than the Z77. So now it's not going to line-up exactly where the cutout is for the fan when I put the side panel on...oh boy mad.gif

Still waiting on the Team Group DDR4 16GB 3600 memory to arrive from UPS... So everything is set waiting for the memory. Once I get it I'll pop off the heat spreaders and I should be good to go.

More to come with HOPEFULLY a successful boot and running of my new upgrades! thumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gif
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So somehow I lost my SD card in the city yesterday...oh boy... So back to phone pictures...
I got the memory chips!!! Sadly I didn't take pics of the before/after heat spreader removal. It was quite an easy process! SO's hair dryer and a few credit cards and walla...no heatspreader. No damage done, just took my time and applied liberal heat.

Ram is in! In other sad news I had to ditch the 25mm thick Arctic Cooling F12 PWM fan... unfortunately it hit the ram and wouldn't fit. With the 20mm silverstone fan the fan is literally sitting on-top of the memory modules. Whew, thankfully it fits!

All 16GB glory is in and some crappy Silverstone thermal paste is on! Temps got upto around 70C with boost locked in at 4.2Ghz ~1.232v

Not sure why I get a Real Bench error within the first few seconds of the rest. It's a runtime error. Haven't found much info online about it, but apparently it has nothing to do with the stability of the CPU overclock. Maybe I'll reinstall real bench. With the power consumption being so low I think I might revise my overclock goals now... I think my new target will be 4.4Ghz after delid and CLU...thumb.gif

In other news, I'm working on a custom made cover for the PSU area where the fan controller is. It's made out of acrylic plastic and will be cut to fit the fan controller perfectly. Should make for a nice finishing touch that'll hide a good deal of the cables!
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Case is taking shape! Still have the vinyl cover to work on and fitting the fan controller in its place.

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Hi casewalk, I have same case and same mobo, what fan you place under the NT-06? I have a rajintek pallas, but heat pipes cover the pci e, so I have to use a pcie riser cable.
how the NT-06 aligns with the side panel? could you post some pics?

thanks in advance
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Did a quick test mount of the fan this morning. I got a Cryorig XT140 slim 140mm fan. It's actually a pretty awesome fan. Really looks good.

Just a quick cell phone pic:

I haven't had time to sure up the mounting but it made a very annoying buzzing noise when the fan was right up against the cooler. So I had to put rubber spacers in to give it more distance between the cooler and fan. Didn't need much though. Overall the fan barely sticks out of the case. Hardly noticeable and I plan on finishing up the acrylic around the fan so stay tuned for that!

Before 1st fan (stock silverstone fan in push mode):
After: 2nd fan installed, push pull configuration. 1 120mm and 1 140mm

IBT Before:

IBT After:

Total Reduction: 5C

CinebenchR15 Before:

CinebenchR15 After:

Total Reduction: 6C

x264 Before:

x264 After:

Total Reduction: 4C

Definitely worth it! I can definitely tell my CPU is much cooler overall with the 2nd fan added. I've got a custom PWM curve in the "silent" mode for the 2nd fan so it stays nice and quiet. Not only are my temps lower but my fans don't spin up as much too! Overall a win-win!
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With that second fan installed, can you still close the lid or you have to leave it open like that?
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