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Wouldn't the power saving features get shut off after you launched your game?
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Originally Posted by CorruptBE View Post

Some C states are OK, but throttling during activity is a no go imo if you want a responsive system. But I don't mind idle power savings, they hardly matter... as the system is idle, doing nothing tongue.gif

Which C-states do you have enabled?
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g502 https://i.gyazo.com/b83c092589826139a97cacc9d4da2171.png I think the old software just bugs on w10, also using only usb 2.0 for mouse and keyboard(corsair k65 go to hell with fake 3.0) helped a lot.
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Originally Posted by SILPH View Post

I remember having 499-501Hz all the time with my old AMD Athlon x3 system. I feel like I'm not comfortable aiming at the moment, I can't hit some easy shots (on supreme MM) with the same G402-same settings and I'm blaming the unstable polling rate biggrin.gif

Not having a real answer here to your dilemma BUT maybe you should of stayed with an AMD system instead?

All my PCs at hand all have Intel chips and they can be problematic with certain devices maybe due to poor drivers, implementation or just too new ports being offered. The NEWEST gear generally has a teething period where drivers are still being written and firmware needs to be upgraded to enable full operational stability.

That is why NOW most Bios upgrades have some mention of "Stability" in it's description hence you have to use it when it's available. Never jump head long into just released hardware because the problems may bite you in the rear quite harshly.

If you have a stable system KEEP it, until something MORE powerful is offered down the road and the current Skylake is NOT it.
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