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I created an account just for this very issue. I hate to bring up an old thread, but I think it's better than creating a new one.

I have been having this issue with WIndows 10 for months now. I have done all of the checks the OP has done, as well as swapped out the RAM sticks, GPU, and CPU with no luck. I am no longer overclocking my GPU or CPU, and my temperatures are well within the safe range. The issue usually does not occur for the first 30 minutes of booting my PC, but afterward, it occurs and it does not stop. Any time I open a browser, or any type of window, I will experience mouse stutter. When watching a movie, the video and audio will stutter together, every 10-20 seconds. I am thinking about downgrading to Windows 8.1 if this issue persists, but I would really appreciate some help, or if anyone who has experienced this has successfully found a fix, please do share. Thank you!