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Samsung 850 EVO SSD won't boot on laptop

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Hello everybody,

This is my first post on this forum, so feel free to ask me more information or anything you find pertinent.

I had a Samsung 850 EVO SSD on my Acer Aspire E1-571G laptop that was working fine. One day my laptop battery wen't out, like it had done a few times before, and the computer lost power all of the sudden. But this time arround, after I connected it back to the charger, I was unable to get past the boot screen (first screen with acer logo and instructions for pressing F2 and F12). If I spam F2 when booting nothing happens and the laptop logo stays on "eternally".

I switched back to my old HDD and that one is working fine (writing this post from it).

I have tried:
- leaving the SSD on boot screen for some 20min to see if it figured it out on its own. No joy.
- booting on a USB (USB boot is 1st priority on BIOS). But it still won't get past boot screen and the pendrive won't even flash. This leeds me to conclude that the SSD drive is not responding at all, so the laptop isn't able to enumerate it and for some reason it stays in some loop.
- placing it on a SATA2USB enclosure device I bought for my drives, but it won't give me access to the SSD either. The light blinks on and on indefinitely.
- to switch the BIOS SATA config from AHCI to IDE. No joy either..

So it seems the SSD is bye bye.. I have no means to access it, not even for debugging..

Does anyone know of a trick that could help?

Thanks in advance
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can you plug it into another system to verify of the SSD is raw or visible?

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Thanks for the reply CL3P20.
I don't have another system to plug it into right now. Only my laptop.
I was trying to boot into a USB pen where I have Ubuntu. That's the closest I can get. If I remove the SSD (and place no drive at all) it boots from USB. So, given that it doesn't let normal boot run even in that case I wonder if it would run in another system.

Really wished I had a better setup to test it more.
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SSDs are vulnerable to power losses. The controller of the SSD may be bugged now. You can try to secure erase it, if you can get it to run. Otherwise RMA.
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