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woopa, got the video up. shot of the 2nd card which I messed up the port holes slightly yet got the mounting done better then the first.
come the GTX 1070 I should be getting it 100% haha
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Few high res snap shots of both the cards biggrin.gif
Looking forward to seeing Galax/MSI blower ref cards taken apart for future planning biggrin.gif

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More fittings arrived... Seems I'll have to rethink rad connection , bridge will fit from the bottom outlet to the top inlet (alpha blocks work more like CPU blocks) and I had thought it wouldn't so will be a tight fit to the rad

Parts came in today to allow me to connect the rad to the top cards outlet port and a few LEDs to connect to the Res, Vortex (white) and CPU (blue)

One annoying thing is the male to male rotary is a different grip texture to the rest, even though its Alphacool and part of the same series !!!! Grrrrr

Hoping with tightening of the Rad/fan mount screws will make the connection more inline with a right angle


Talked with alpha about using hard tubing but since it was going to go in a s340 it would of been to tight. Looking at this now, think the only place I would of used it would if been between the GPU and Rad- if the GPX bridge was out, would if just been a 90 and straight pipe

Fill time


better pics and some vids up of the fill up.

was a slight leak at the outlet port not inlet. Tightened that a bit- seems to be ok now but still waiting to see. not sure if the leak was due to not being 100% tightened (was about 95%) , o-ring or weight of the twin 45/tubing.



PC fired up, Basic drivers and apps installed.
Few issues with Hue and then one of the strips to start with- also now defaults to a blue lighting from white
Also MSI boards LEDs just wont carry out the orders I give it...

will have to set up lighting and cables for final shots and get stress testing for Heat but at Room Temp of 21c, Both GPUs idea at 22c with CPU at 25c.






And so begins the over clocking
ASIC is 70% & 76% for the cards and f### a duck the backblack must hit of 60c, very hot to touch! Unlike Asus version theirs ram chips on the back but seems its just doing a better job this time around of drawing heat from the back of the card.


Room to go yet, hoping not to touch the voltage ! And so glad I but a 45mm thick rad on the back instead of standard 30. Really taking the brunt of the heat out.

Still have a leak on the inlet port. Will will have to drain, trim down tube so the vortex sits 100% upright and replace the compression fitting. Shouldn't be the weight of the vortex and worst case just poor machining of the inlet hole :/
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been a while but had to order an EKWB EVO Blue edition block.

Redid the system without the vortex and was fine when filling and bleeding for 24 hours. Plus everything back in and stress test and the slow leak happened again!
very odd, Alphacool said they havent had this before but said to ditch the block as they have a NEW DESIGN in 2/3 months time biggrin.gif

Unfortunately wasnt able to snap DSLR pics of the block before going into the system so phone will have to do.

in the system

was in a bit of a rush last night at 11pm, so i'll think i'll re-do the connection between the Vortex and the CPU. hoping a little bit longer length tube will cut some of the angle rise of the Vortex. cant do to much length as the tubing will kink in.

Block matches nicely . Dont have white or blue 3mm LEDs so will leave it unlit - dont really see the point as its blue anyways. The 2 LEDs that went into the Alpha block will go into the Vortex and top of Res.

Ive also got a bit of Black EK fluid left over which i may just add a few ml to darken up the blue a bit
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Phone pics so not the best


IT support fell asleep on the job


In love with the Res/Pump combo! need to get the camera set up for a shot like this. phone really doesnt do it justice
Tempting to add another 2 LED to the other side to really light it up but can afford to add another cable from the PSU just for one molex. Might move one of them to the other side to make the glow even


Play in HD biggrin.gif NO LEAKS! well.... there was one between the rad and Vortex as i didnt tighten the fitting enough biggrin.gif KITCHEN TOWEL PEOPLE! kitchen towel

I think Wingboost fans will cause an issue with heat over the long run.

Touching all of the Fittings, they are warm! even after leaving the radiator at the front entering the res! The Alphacool fan does a great job with the 120 rad and ypu can feel the air going through, the Wingboost theres nothing even at 100% which is a massive shame. the do a great job in the exit , but yeah- was meant to have a descent Static pressure, 1.4 or along those lines for the sound they make should of been good with a low density rad.

took a vid of Intels benching tool and Valley. CPU tempt is much better then before and room temp is 24c.
Running the GPUs at 1414hz does hit 50c after a good while

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finally got the camera shots, just stitched a few together and will upload the rest with spoiler tab as theres a few smile.gif

needing to take one of two better night shots and get the settings correct along with a video smile.gif


Case Shots

All about the Alphacool (EKWB in there too )

Open Case

Macro shot (need to get a true lens, current got a screw on 15mm macro lens cap)


All about the Nvidia Gigabyte GTX 970 Twin Turbo OC- Hybrid

Inside With Hue+ On


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