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Hey guys. After a while I got my CPU changed by the warranty guys. The thing is I am still lagging, just less, and the games are not that blurry anymore. I still get tearing and stuttering when using low resolution on cs go, 1024x768 (which uses my cpu more) and if I try a higher resolution such as 1920x1080 it will be playable but that's not the resolution I want.

Also very important, if I play low-sized maps such as aim_map I have no tearing or stuttering at all, while on big maps such as Cache I can barely play. They tested all my components except HDD because they had their test windows installed on an SSD. I did a HDTune test after a windows reinstall and I got no errors, though my transfer rate dropped from 160 mb/s to 80 mb/s in 2 hours of test running, then after the test was done it went back to 140 mb/s or so. I started thinking it might be the HDD when I tried playing League of Legends while unzipping using winrar, and I was getting massive fps drops.

Some pics:

Also some setups open very slow, in 10 seconds or more.
Also, my pc again runs better after it's already started for a while. So if I run the pc for about 8 hours, the games will run better.
And also, I can't put my pc into sleep mode. It basically just restarts. On the old windows I was getting a blue screen which looked awful:

Recording games is also smoother than actual gameplay (even with vsync on), maybe it's because the videos are only 60 fps while I play on 144.
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