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Whats your motherboard, your dram frequency in bios and your cache multiplier?
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i have z170 gaming m3 , 2600mhz , and 3700mhz cache(multiplier 23)
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Everything seems fine.. Try reducing the cache to 22?

Edit: are you using a moded bios?
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iam using the non k bios for z170 gaming m3
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Setting cache to 22 didnt do it?

Also, you know that non-k bios break avx instruction used in stress tool? Try with prime95 v26.6 (latest one without avx)

You might want to try a moded ES bios lol Sadly, nobody did one for your motherboard and you'll have to craft one yourself. I gave a link to a russian forum for this.
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if i use a normal bios? like A.6? because i have read that es do not need a special bios
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Indeed they doesnt need a special bios if they are correctly recognized. If they are not, you need to add the correct cpu microcode to the bios.
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Iam testing now the CPU with the normal BIOS f6

i can oc to 4ghz and run aida 64 with normal bios f6 but when i stress with prime95 the latest version i carshed in 5 sec again

also i can run prime 95 26.6 but not the last. I have problem in avx instuctions
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Originally Posted by Alfonsg00 View Post

Can't seem to find a modded bios. Just gave the cpu more voltage to try to stop it.

In the moment of frustration and just doing that one last stand. I got the cold boot to stop
(The only way I could boot was by turning computer off by the power supply and press the pwr button to discharge it, It boots the next time it's on and works every time strangely)

Coldboots started after switching to F6e, again in frustration I was thinking of starting from scratch and setting everything to default which I did and the cold boot was still present which got me baffled. So I redid the PWR off method and eventually got into the bios where this time I looked up the skylake overclocking guide and uped every voltage I could get my hands and voila no more cold boots.

This isn't pinpointed down to which one actually did something but hopefully, this helps you.
(Everything in small amounts and CPU multiplier is at 25x, keep in mind I was having cold boots during stock)
I changed the Vcore, Dram voltage, VCCIO and system agent voltage too
Turned turbo boost off, hyperthreading too for experimenting

Take all this with a grain bucket of salt as I worry I have placebo effect kicking in.

it came back but this time it's able to boot after few loops. I am just tired right now and switched back to F6 again

I just finished the game after who knows how long, thinking of setting it at 4Ghz and call it a day. Besides it only seems to crash during games. I noticed the CPU utilisation is pretty low in that game and it barely budges from 60fps even at 2.5ghz.

I wanted to solve this before selling this computer, as I need to shed off some weight before moving to another country sometime next year but it seems I need to purchase a CPU or be a terrible person and sell it off with it wink.gif
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Originally Posted by johninio View Post

also i can run prime 95 26.6 but not the last. I have problem in avx instuctions

lol I guessed right about avx being the problem here//

And.. do you need avx? Your overclock seems pretty stable... You might not be able to make them work because high bclk can break them sometime.
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