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vapochill help needed

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Does anybody on here have asetek version 2.0.19 software for the vapochill XE II or a link to it as I've lost my copy of it and the asetek site with the download has closed down.
Also I thing my unit needs regassing I've found a local firm who can do it but they need to know how much the system needs I can't find any information on this in the user manuals or online any help would be much apreciated as I'd hate this great machine becoming another boat anchor
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Where are you located? There's probably someone nearby who does phase builds that can regas it for you.

I believe that they tune for 8K superheat. Rig up a dummy load and have your local guy do it that way.
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Let me know if you find some software. I bought a Light Speed a week ago, so I don't have any software. Good luck on finding software, if I find anything, I'll post back. Cheers!
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Hi guys. New to forum. Anyone able to get the vapochill lightspeed software? Or is there an alternative controller available that can replace the chill control? Many thanks
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If anyone needs the xeii software, I got that. It won't work with lightspeed though. frown.gif
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The Xeii looks like the same board (though I don't have my board with me), so I'm surprised it doesn't work. They probably updated the micro control chip or something, but since you have the software, could you post it somewhere?

Post whatever you got, .exe, .bin, anything like that. The more software I have, the more likely I can hire my cousin to modify the code to make it work.

I may just hire him to make a generic controller for any phase system with a lot more advanced features based on the Raspberri pi, or I could keep it really really simple and cheap and do it myself with an arduino, but it wouldn't have a nice GUI and nice graphed out temperature charts like I can with a pi.

You can post them into my Google drive if you want. I'll keep the files shared indefinitely so anyone can click on this link. If the link breaks for whatever reason, post on the forum, and even if its a couple years from now, I'll probably still have it and re-post it.
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HI there,

Many thanks for responding to thread. At times you wonder if you will ever get a response with the threads so old haha

have attached the asetek chillcontrol software for the xe2 in my previous post. hopefully you can work some magic and get it to work with the lightspeed.

I have put up a couple of posts in other forums so will post back once i hear anything. hopefully someone out there may still have the software.

I did get in touch with asetek and their response was that they don't have it anymore frown.gif

jakegarr - have also uploaded file to your google drive. cheeers
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Thanks! I'll have to see if it detects my vapochill when I have my board. If not, I might make a basic controller for the system (you can change startup temps with just the power button, but heater control is not an option, I had to direct wire mine to molex. Not a huge deal, but it would be nice to have those controllable).

If I design a new controller (won't be any time soon), would you be interested in it? I know I can make one with thermocouples and have it auto regulate heaters with an Aruduino to keep it X amount above ambient, but I'm hoping to get one more complex (haven't built anything yet besides a nichrome heater for my GPU block I designed, which worked great, except GPUs tend to crack the solder joint if you turn the system on and off a lot).

Your help has been much appreciated! May the temps be low, and the benchmarks high!
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Hi, yea would be interested. My lightspeed is still too good to throw away . So would be good to get an alternative controller for it.

Where you based? I am in the UK

Many thanks
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