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Sapphire R9 270 Crossfire crash in Windows 10.

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So the story in brief. One month ago I installed Windows 10 in order to play Quantum Break. The update to Win 10 went flawlessly. The minute I turned on the game I immediately noticed glitches in the shadow textures. I switched off the Crossfire and went on with single card, the graphics were fine.

Few days ago I installed Black Ops 3. If I try to start the game in Fullscreen 1080p with Crossfire I am getting really low fps / stuttering / sound interruption and glitching (like if you're lacking CPU power). Soon after PC freeze follows and it reboots itself. I switched off the Crossfire and was able to play the game on one card. Same is let's say with CS:GO.

Now I got it that something is wrong. I installed the latest drivers - 16.5.2 as of today - (clean install, even bother cleaning the regedit myself). Even bothered with disconnecting my second monitor from the 2nd GPU prior installation. Still the same issue. Went back to the first Catalyst driver available on Win 10 - 15.7.1 - Same issue.

I try to run a Benchmark, like the Valley or Heaven. I run them without any issues with both cards in Crossfire.

So what is going on? Any ideas? Because I am out of ideas. One card is in PCIe 16x slot, the other in PCIe 4x slot due to better airflow. If I put them in 16x 16x slots they will be right into each other. In Win 7 I had no issues this way, appart from that I was loosing 1/2 FPS on average.

My configuration is as follows:

AMD FX-6300 @ 4.5 GHz (bothered going to stock BIOS settings, no luck)
GA FXA-990 UD-5
2x4 GB DDR3 Kingston HyperX 1600 Mhz
2xSapphire Radeon R9 270
Corsair RM850 "Gold"

My case is well ventilated Fractal Core 3000.

I am getting really frustrated with this, I would appreciate any help / advice.... Is Windows 10 the end of Crossfire?
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Today I had some free time and did some testing. Turns out the problem is not in the hardware - not a power related issue, the GPUs are fine and the rest of the system. The problem also isn't caused by the AMD drivers themselves.

The problem is with the fr****ng Windows 10 and its new DirectX. The thing cannot work properly with Crossfire in x16 + x4 configuration. Whenever a DirectX game launches, huge stutter starts and the whole PC restarts itself after it freezes. In benchmarks there aren't any issues.

Windows 7 has no issues.

Now if I want to play with both cards in Crossfire, I have to put them in x16 + x16 configuration. In my case this stacks them up into each other and under load I have the feeling that the PC will fly away on its own. That's why I had them in x16 + x4.

Any idea if Lord Microsoft is working on resolving this? Any idea how this can be reported to them (if they care at all)?
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I have pretty much the same rig, 990fxa-ud5 and two 270s, and the same problem. Have you by chance found a way to make Windows 10 cooperate? I was super disappointed when the creators update behaved the same.
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