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Dream Machines DM2 Comfy Review

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For far better images see Ino's review here, [Sponsored] Dreammachines DM2 Comfy review - by Ino

Recieved the DM2 a few days ago so I'm going to give my impressions on it. I have to start out by saying that I actually do like this mouse, especially for use at college where I'm sitting for hours clicking away, however it isn't perfect. The light weight along with the relaxed grip design make for one great long-term-use mouse. Also, my performance in-game was as I would expect, so I suppose that's a good thing. At least it's not hindering my performance. Anyway, on with the review.


Most of you already know what the packaging is like and I don't think I need to show you. A very basic box with the classic velcro door at the front and some very... OEM looking graphics of the mouse. Nothing very impressive but nobody cares about some paper and plastic... unless it's the paper or plastic I bought the mouse with.

Appearance and Materials

I was pleasantly surprised by its appearance and feeling. I honestly expected it to be as cheap feeling as a Motospeed mouse. Thankfully, it isn't. The coating used seems to be very similar to the Mionix Avior and, yes, it does take on sweat easily, like the Avior, but I found after my hands had moistened, it stuck to it like glue. I've never really been a fan of rubber paint on mice but this one passes purely for the amount of grip I get during gameplay. I wouldn't recommend this mouse for dry hands. I barely get any grip on it when mine are dry. The finish of the coating is very consistent on my model with no tiny bumps where excess paint was applied. The glossy parts seem to be more like a semi-gloss finish as you can still see small polishing marks when in the right light. Not something that bothers me, personally. The bottom of the mouse has that out-of-the-mold, rough ABS look to it which is something I really don't like as it makes the mouse appear cheap but considering my favourite mouse is the WMO, with a similar rough texture, I'll let them away with it. At least it's not quite as bad as the base on the Fnatic Flick.

Replaced the original feet with my own 6mm circles. Doesn't scrape the mousepad now (more on that later)

Red = 400, Blue = 800, Green = 1600, Purple/Pink = 3200, Orange = 5000


M1 and M2 have a medium weight. A nice balance between accuracy and speed. On my model, M1 doesn't feel as good as M2. M2 has a good click to it, M1 does not. Probably just Chinese Omron switch's terrible tolerances. I'll switch it out and see if it improves. The scroll wheel is good. It travels well both up and down without having the annoying 'one direction scrolls better than the other' nonsense that countless other mice have (i.e. there's no clunky sound when scrolling in only one direction). It also has nice distinct scroll steps but doesn't have a lot of resistance between them. A fairly smooth scrolling wheel. M3 has very little travel and is actually very light compared to my other mice. It feels similar in weight to the WMO's M3 but maybe a smidgin heavier. Great for zooming in L4D. The CPI up/down buttons are SOLID. I seriously expected them to be wobbly beyond belief because of the OEM shell but they really are not. Very well done, guys. The same cannot be said for the sidebuttons, unfortunately. They have a lot of travel to them and only actuate when they are pretty much inside the shell. This is a known issue and I'm assuming they'll remedy this in an updated product. The sidebuttons, too, are really light and would probably be the best ones I've tried if they had less travel distance.


Ok, the cable is exactly like the DM1. Quite stiff but not like the 'glue-soaked' Fnatic Flick cable. It also comes out at a bad angle. In saying this, I've never had any bother with any mouse cables other than the one on the Fnatic Flick. I just don't seem to be bothered by "bad" cables... with the exception of the Fnatic Flick.

The lighting is fine, I suppose. It has a quick breathe to it, meaning that it fades off and on quickly then stays on for about 3 seconds before fading off and on quickly again. The 'DM' logo at the back is fairly well lit and doesn't have a noticable bright point in its centre. In a nutshell, it's diffused well.

The mousefeet on my model make a lot of noise when they're first used. I took the plastic covers off them and noticed immediately how noisy they were. After some hours of use, they started to show a more glossy appearance like teflon should but I ended up swapping them for my own feet, as you already know.

The sensor position on it is something that will bother some people. It's very far towards the bottom. I haven't had problems with it, personally.

The lift-off distance is great. It's not incredibly low but it's still low. There's enough there to ensure good tracking.


PCS is exactly what you'd expect from a 3310 on all 5 steps.

Polling seems to be quite irregular, though
[Removed polling graph due to my system not showing accurate results. See Ino's review for more accurate graphs]

The debounce seems to be 18-20ms. The higher values are probably human error.

Left = DM2, Right = G303


There is only one PCB inside the mouse which accomodates everything including the CPI toggle and sidebutton switches. Doing this keeps the mouse nice and lightweight but I have a feeling that this is what is causing the travel distance problem with the sidebuttons. As far as I'm aware, the Zowie EC series has this exact same problem.

Another thing that intrigues me is the fact that the PCB isn't held down by anything at all. No clips, no screws.

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Thank you for your insight on this rodent, good review. smile.gif
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I've been wondering about this mouse. This helps a lot. Thanks m0uz!
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Does it have the same 20ms queued debounce problem as the DM1?
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I'll update the post with sensor performance and click latency and debounce when I get on my computer later
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m0uz, you need to go easy on your wallet mate.
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Dude's not workin with a measly budget. So what's all this talk about "easy does it"?
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Originally Posted by badben25 View Post

m0uz, you need to go easy on your wallet mate.

What do you mean by that? whistle.gif

But, seriously, I probably do spend too much. I need to find another hobby...
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Updated review with pics
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unfortunately not interested in the mouse, but i like how you did the review. +rep, this stuff is appreciated!
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