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Originally Posted by ctepp View Post

Oh wow, that is good information, glad I hadn't placed the order yet. So a 240 and a 280 is the way to go? I wonder how they expected those 2x280 krakens to fit.

The X61 radiators are narrower than the HWL rads.
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Problem with HWLabs rads is that steel shroud around rad is much more robust that say for example Alphacool rads. Simple example. Enthoo Primo technically fits any 480mm rad on bottom, but it's not exactly true. You won't fit for example fatter HWL while Nexxxos from Alphacool fits perfectly because of thinner shroud design.
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Hmm interesting. Any recommendations then for a good 280 rad that will fit 2x in the Manta?
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Gonna try to put the MagiCool 280 in the top. its pretty narrow. (after i finish my coffee)
(You do need to hacksaw the case with a 280 else your fitting hit the case a 240 just fits with the fittings down)

The MagiCool 280 is 323 x 142 x 29 mm
The EK CE 280 is 320 x 145 x 45mm
The GTS Nemesis280 312 x 153 x 29.6 mm (yeah thats 10mm wider tongue.gif )

NZXT (say) a NZXT 280 is 280 x 140 x 27mm
(witch is bs, or they have special fans with holes for the tubes:P )

BTW this is the GTS Nemesis 240 in the top. 278mm x 133mm x 29.6mm
(no way a 153mm will fit tongue.gif )
Fan space on the inside of the case is a little over 25mm so you cant mount it on the inside.

The is no way 2 kraken x61 will fit.
Just might fit the rad on the inside with just 27mm and the other 280 kraken on the outse and the vans on the inside.
Witch a lot of hacksaw work tongue.gif

Bit i already had my "experiance" with making "things" fit last year....
Been there done that... tongue.gif (yes there is a motherboard behind that rad)

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Haha, well I am glad that I can at least attempt to avoid that experience. How did it go?

Edit: FYI, I reached out to NZXT support- they gave me 312.5 x 140 x 27 mm for the Kraken x61, which makes a little more sense. Still hard to see how you could fit two of those into the case.
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Hey guys, sorry to be a bit late and brign the post up again... I'm on my way to assemble a Manta build, and by the information already on this post, my starting thought on going with a 240 and a 280(this guy's restriction kind of worries me) Nemesis GTS was pretty accurate. My previous build already had an MCP35x + EK XRES combo and I'm keeping my Supremacy EVO and a GTX980ti EK full cover waterblock, do you guys think I should be good with only one pump (MCP35x) and with those two rads mentioned before?

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