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largest hard pad

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Does anyone know if there's a hard pad in existence the size of a qck heavy minimum, not thickness just length and width or bigger

Preferably polymer plastic.. I've searched pretty far but haven't found anything. Or if you know where I can order one a custom size for increased cost. I'm assuming since they must be shipped flat that companies don't make them bigger due to expense and fear they won't sell

Ty in advance biggrin.gif
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qpad heaton was large, but not sure if you'll be able to find a new one somewhere.
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I was just looking for a new hard pad myself and it seems that the Qpad Heaton was substituted by the Xtrfy GP3 HeatoN Edition.

However, recently I just bought myself the Alugraphics gamerPro XXL Aluminium Mouse Pad.
It'll hopefully arrive next week so I'll see how it it. Currently using the Steelseries 9HD.

But it does seem that the market for large hardpads is quite niche, not many options available for them.
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No options really..... I'm looking everywhere and nothing is even the size of a qck heavy; I'm confused cause I figured you'd be a lower sensitivity if you used a hard pad; I'm just annoyed with cloth and want a hard, fast gliding, easy to clean surface

The GTFX is nice, qck heavy is nice.. but I want moreeee ;[

I found one website that ships the GP3 internationally but it's a bit pricey, also not sure if it'll be any better/faster than the gtfx but the gtfx is quite soft
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Home Depot
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This one guy on reddit was looking for a bigger hard pad similar to the G440 and found this: http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/826454/Artistic-Eco-Black-Desk-Pad-With/

Doesn't have any backing to keep it in place but that can be worked around. On a side note I hope Logitech releases that custom hardpad n0thing from cloud9 has been using.
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