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i5 4690k Help

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Hi guys I recently got a new CPU (The i5 4690k). I bought it so I can do rendering faster and to get more FPS in games like Counterstrike. I upgraded from an 8 core AMD FX 8320E and was hoping to get more FPS, unfortuanally I almost got the same amount. I was wondering why this was or maybe there was something wrong with my CPU.

Here are my specs:
CPU: i5 4690k
Case: Corsair Air
Hard drive: Samsung SSD 250GB
Operating System: Windows 10

CPU TEMPS: Around 35-40C, ingame around 50C.
GPU TEMPS: Around 45-50C.
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1) Did you overclock the 4690k?

2) What games are you playing besides Counter Strike?

Isn't Counter Strike really old? You shouldn't expect to get more fps out of it. Both CPUs (any modern CPU) will run the game at the same frame rate, that is, well above 60 at all times and assuming you have a 60hz display, you won't see the difference anyway.

Try different games if you have them. For example, Skyrim is notorious for running much better on Intel hardware. I switched from an FX-8350 at 5ghz to a 4770k at 4.5ghz and saw a massive increase in minimum frame rate in that game. On AMD it would dip down to 30 fps in some areas, on Intel it stayed a constant 60 the whole time in the same places.

There's many other games that will run much better on an Intel CPU, but depending on your GPU and resolution this might not be obvious because the game might be close to 60 fps most of the time. However, your minimum frame rate should be much higher on Intel, so instead of having it dip down below 40 fps in some spots, on Intel it might still stay above 50 fps. (This is just an example.) If the game is already close to 60 fps a lot of the time on both, you might not see much of a difference.

What resolution are you playing at? This is also important. Generally, the higher the resolution, the more equal the CPUs will appear.
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1) Yes I have OC to 4.2GHz
2)Mostly Rocket League and Overwatch now.

The problem is that I am a semi pro competitive player for CS (Global Elite) and I want as much FPS as possible. I get around 250fps on as my highest fps and it will drop down to 160fps. I have watched Youtube videos of people with the same equipment as me and they get around 300-400fps on the same resolution (1280x960).
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Interesting, I'll see if I can help..

Sorry for not replying sooner, I've been busy all day.

1) OC your CPU higher. The 4690k should be good for 4.5ghz easily and possibly higher. If you need help overclocking it, let me know and I can try and help. (I have a 4790k so I'm familiar.)

2) Download and run 3dmark (Fire Strike). You don't need to do Fire Strike Extreme or Ultra, just Fire Strike. Post the results here.

3) Download and run Unigine Valley on the Extreme HD preset. Post the results here.

What is your memory speed? Having slow memory (e.g. DDR3 1600mhz) can affect performance. You will get more fps with higher memory speeds, although not much, it sounds like every bit is very important to you.
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CS:GO is more GPU intensive on higher settings. at lower settings it is more CPU intensive.
So don't expect more FPS from a CPU upgrade on CS:GO if you run it at high settings.
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