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Looking for a modular [gaming] laptop

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Hello everyone,

I'm going to be moving out of state in July and I won't be able to take my gaming rig because of it's size. The purpose of the laptop is for entertainment (games), and school/freelance work (computer science major). I've been considering the Origin EON17-X because of it's large beautiful display, expand ability, and number crunching potential for compiling and gaming. Any other recommendations?
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Eurocom X6 / DLX7 / HID EVOC P770DM / P775DM for a machine with similar weight as the Origin EON17-X.
The DLX7 and EVOC P775DM's gpu ( 180W gpu ) is more powerful than the Origin EON17-X's

Sky X9 and Sky X9E and the HID EVOC P870DM are similar to the Origin EON17-SLX in specs and weight. All these options have the full 200W gpu though

The Eurocom X9E and the three Hidevolution laptops have an unlocked bios so you should be able to match an equivalent desktop with the same cpu/gpu.
if you want to overclock, you'd probably want either of those laptops.

You need the unlocked bios to run faster ram up to 3200mhz
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I haven't looked into those yet. I will today! Thanks!
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Seems like the HID EVOC P775DM doesn't exist anymore, but some users have acquired a machine from Eurocom via hidevolution ( with hidevolution's warranty ). (Snappy Phoenix on this site has the Eurocom Sky X9 from hidevolution)

You can even request to get the 3000mhz or the 3200mhz ram from gskill ( not listed on hidevolution's site and both are limited supply I think? ). They can delid a cpu for you under their warranty or you can get them to buy a silicon lottery chip for you.

If you make an account on the NBR forums, you can get a discount from hidevolution.
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