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How is the top removable mount secured in the case? Does it sit in some grooves or is it screwed in from the top? What I'm wondering is if there it will be easy (mod or not) to either center it, or move it over the motherboard?

Congrats on getting yours in. I'm anxiously waiting for my shipping notification. I ordered first thing in the morning on May 6th. My impatience is catching up to me lol.
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Drew this up this might give you a idea of how to remove the top from the case. Note that its the same on the opposite side and same number of screws in total you need to remove 14 reds in order to remove the top.

Yeah its so easy to work in I love it smile.gif

I would just make sure you have a screw tray just to make sure not to loose any screws.
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Originally Posted by Rdoxey View Post

Sorry, I meant the top radiator mount. I'm rolling ideas around but not sure how easy that rad mount would be to move to the center or to the opposite side completed. I know it can be flipped in it's own position.

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As far as I can see there is no centering the top radiator mount. But it is held on by only 4 them screws.

Hope this gives you the idea of what your looking for thumb.gif
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That's what a drill is for! Thanks for the info and good luck with the rest of your build.
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Yeah that is true drills are very very handy lol biggrin.gif
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So I manage to get some work done tonight could not sleep was so excited trying to figure out how I want my loop to run.

I took a couple screen shots of some hardware going into White Raptor to get a ideas of what kind of space I would be working with when it comes time to fitting everything. Definitely tight but it can be done with a little maneuvering. I also have to pick up some flat top long screws that are not hardware labs. There screws definitely do not allow me to mount my 240 in the front... until then I put it on the 240 on the top till I can test it out. I also took one of my 980TI's out to get an idea of how long the graphics card would extend in the system.

Well enjoy the pics....

Any feedback you might have is greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone thumb.gif
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I love how small cases are getting now. I'm getting too old to lift my full tower. It just seems like too mucj space being wasted. I like how yours is compact yet gets everything inside. Nice job.thumb.gif
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Thanks... I feel ya I wanted to build a nice compact LAN rig but had the power of a full ATX and this was the perfect match. I am so glad I went with the Bullet. Plan on picking up a few extra things for it now that I have had a closer look at the inside.

Subscribe and stay tuned there will be a lot of stuff happening very soon thumb.gif

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Subbed, sad I had to cancel my BH7, my G1 is just friggin long to fit a fan in front of it, only option is to get a shorter GPU, can run a block on my card as the pcb is to long. For now I'll live vicariously through your build.
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