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Mousepad to increase LOD

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I'm one of those people who hate a super low LOD, probably since I've come from a decade of using opticals with what would be considered a ridiculous LOD today (DA 3G) etc.

I love the Zowie EC2-A, it fits my hand perfectly, but I can't get past the LOD even on the highest setting. I get the feeling that the cursor has frozen during lift offs, and it really puts me off. I've tried getting used to it, but it's just not happening >_<.

I know I'm in the vast minority here, and I've posted around about the issue before, but I have read things here and there about certain mouse pads increasing the LOD.

I don't want something ridiculous, I'd say the G402 is the perfect LOD for me. I heard that a pure black pad increases LOD, and I've got a QcK+ but it still feels really really low.

I read about red Zowie pads having this effect? Can anyone confirm, or suggest a different pad which may help?

Thank you!
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Afaik hard pads always have a higher LOD than textile ones. But I'm not entirely sure.
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I just recently bought a Zowie GS-R and replaced my old QCK Heavy with it and noticed a change in my LoD although I'm not sure how much exactly since I haven't tweaked my settings but I definitely noticed the sensation you described where the mouse kind of freezes midair and it doesn't feel right.
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