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Need help with setting refresh rate on 4k monitor for Macbook Pro

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I currently have a Macbook Pro 13" 2015. At work, I have a Dell P2715Q which I can run 4k at 60hz right out of the box (except that I have to reset the PRAM on my Mac).
I recently bought a Vizio D40u-D1, which according to some reviews, can run 4k at 60hz at 4:2:0. However, I can't seem to get it to do that. There is no setting to set the refresh rate, nor the chroma. The setting on the TV and the chroma test show that I am still 4:4:4 @ 30 hz.

The Vizio TV does not have DisplayPort like the Dell monitor. It only has HDMI 2.0. So I have to buy an Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI 2 (3d club CAC-1107), to get it to work, along with the HDMI 2 cable. So there are 4 part here that I have to deal with: the Mac setting, the TV, the adaptor, and the cable. After spending last week with no success, I am going around asking for help, if anyone has any experience setting them up. Will appreciate any comment.
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I have the exact same TV. First, you need to be using the HDMI 5 slot on the T.V. (it is clearly marked as 4K@60Hz/Highest performance) in order to receive 4K 60Hz signals. That much, you probably already knew. This is a T.V. remember and not a monitor, it doesn't natively run 4K @60 Hz., it merely ACCEPTS up to 4K @60Hz signals. That means that you will have to set that resolution/refresh rate in you Macbook and not on the T.V. itself. I have this T.V. and an Nvidia GPU, so for me, all I had to do was change the refresh rate in my Nvidia control panel. I don't know what graphics processor you are using, so you'll have to figure that part out on your own. Just know that it's not the T.V. that's the issue, unless you are using the wrong HDMI slot.
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Hey thanks, every thing mentions above is true.

For short, I still not able to get 4k@60 on my Mac. But I will post what I found in case it could do any help.
- The TV (Vizio D40u-D1) : according to multiple source, and also from @Secoya, the TV can do 4k@60. It is reported to the do 4:2:2 @ 60, and 4:4:4 @ 30 hz.
- The adaptor CAC-1107: It can do 4:2:0 @ 60 or even 4:2:2 @ 60, reported at their own website. Some people on Amazon site reviews it can is able to convert 4:4:4 @ 60. However, there is no proof posted from them. They could possibly over-evaluate their adaptor.

The main problem that I have is very likely come from the OS. With the Macbook Pro, you are limited on whatever the System decide to give you. The only way I can find to get around it is using SwichResX to manually change resolution and refresh rate. You can also do that with your bash if you really know what you are doing. But if you are just trying to test thing around, SwitchResX is safer and easier to fallback. It does cost money, but has 10 days trial.

Some people report that just change the Vertical rate to 60 Hz, and it "just work" for them. But that isn't in my case.
I have a Intel Iris Graphics 6100. And here is the official setting that is support for the monitor.

I notice much difference configuration for 24Hz and 30Hz. So at this point, the process is pretty much defining the configuration that the Graphic card can produce *and* the TV can accept. Unfortunately, I don't have enough knowledge about graphic driver to tweaking this.

And I just come back from a surgery, which requires me to lay rest and avoid having a sit down position, which implies I won't be working with this monitor on my desk.

Windows users probably is supported with that configuration in their driver, and you just need to switch the configuration. This is one of the occasions that if you are Mac user, you are own your own now. The resource of information that I find the most helpful, and most likely that there is another person have found (or will find out) the solution, are: 9to5Mac, and the Amazon review page for the adaptor.
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