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I am looking for some from of utility or website that will do a long maybe 1 hour? Connection test to determine the true stability of my internet connection. Something that provides a ping graph, Throughput graph and any other type of information would be ideal.

I recently moved and the location that I have my computer is a ways away from the router and the house is not wired. My motherboard has built in wireless Atheros AR946X that I have been really impressed with overall and never had any issues with whatsoever. I plan on doing lots of online gaming in the near future and I have never really tried it over wireless. I have a Netgear r7000 router and when I run a 30 min iperf test from a wired device on my network to my wireless desktop I get around 160 mbps average/sustained throughput and less than 3ms ping. I want to test this externally as well though to determine if I really do need to run wires or if I can make due on wireless. I am hesitant to run any cable because the way the house I am living in is designed it would be extremely difficult. The area of the attic above the 2 locations is blocked off due to an addition added to the house and the house is on a lake so the crawl space is full of mud that is about a foot deep.
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