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Hey guys, my windows 10 auto-upgraded to Windows 10 out of no where (I was on Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit). Ever since, when I press the "power" button on my PC case to boot up, sometimes, my program icons on my desktop don't load/show up. I click on the icon and it says the file is missing too. I immediately noticed the correlation because all those programs are installed on my secondary SSD drive (main SSD is for OS) and then I checked my computer and saw the E:/ drive (secondary SSD drive designation) was not being recognized on the PC:

However, just rebooting the computer every time fixes it, and my drive shows up, without me touching anything (besides restarting the computer). Why is it doing this?

*I also disabled CSM in the BIOS in order to get my m.2 SSD to boot faster per ASRock's discretion but don't know if this effects anything.