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[RT]: Can you tell us a little about how you see AMD's APUs fitting into the gaming laptop marketplace? What are the main goals when providing laptops for this type of consumer?
[Don]: It’s important to preface this: mainstream gaming has shifted toward strategic, accessible titles like League of Legends and DOTA2 in a very big way. At the same time, we’ve doubled down on our graphics technology. So the result is that our latest APUs (like the desktop A10-7860K or mobile A10-8700P) are easily capable of handling the most played online games in the world, at full HD 1080p, and offer wonderful energy efficiency to boot. We’ll always have dedicated mobile Radeon GPUs for power users, but current AMD APU’s are perfect for delivering wonderful gaming experiences to the biggest, most active part of the PC gaming market. And of course, our APUs are only getting better and more powerful.


It seems like AMD is making a comeback with both CPUs and GPUs. With Polaris and Zen, someone could build a really nice cheap gaming machine.