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So, i am looking for a curved monitor with gsync. I was hoping for the predator z1 30" model, however i havent seen any info at all in the past month about the release date for it. then i looked at the z35 but i really think that will be pretty crap when it comes to pixel density. Her current monitor (tv actually) is like a 21" or 24" @ 1152x864 or 1366x768 (cant remember which, i just know it made me want to cry), so anything at all will be a massive improvement.

Any opinions floating around out there about what to get? Or any new info on the z1 that i may have missed?

Thanks in advance

oh side question:

How long will it be until the regular models of 1080 will be coming out? the founder edition price bump is kinda sucky and i will be getting her a 1080 to go along with it.