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Hi! I just got my second BenQ XL2720Z after returning the first one for having a couple of dead pixels. And now after using this new one for a couple of hours, I have noticed it has some backlight bleed that looks blue-ish that goes along some parts of the edges of the monitor.
So I am wondering, how much is too much?

I can only really see it in VERY dark scenes, like the menu of some games for example or some really dark scenes in some games.
I tried to take some pictures of my monitor, the first one is just a picture taken with my Samsung Galaxy S6 camera, and the second one is a screenshot taken from a video I recorded, I added that since I have heard that can produce a result more representative of how it looks in the real world.


I think the pictures represent pretty good how it looks for me in real life.

What do you think? How much is too much?

I dont really want to return this one only to get one that's even worse :/