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Does anyone have experience with the CPE210 or 220 in obscured environment/indoors? I'd like to use (speed doesn't matter much) a wifi, which is invisible where my desktop is sitting (~10-15 walls from the source). Pulling a cat5-6 is out of question, just as powerline. I am considering three options, being #2 the favorite:

#1: big parabolic 2.4GHz antenna for my miniPCI card (came with the mobo, rtl8821ae)
#2: CPE220 or a similar, 10+dB unit positioned somewhat better (however, where I'd put it I still don't see the network with a simple notebook)
#3: get a low-frequency (802.11ah) bridge

Any experience, idea is welcome... It might be a mission impossible but I'd lik e to give it a try.